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  1. ok so i'm a newby no actual intent on building a bass at this point in my life,i `had guitars' back in the 60's/70's and somehow this time around i end up thumping on a bass and AM loving it,i'm not good in fact i would be the first person to say i suck badly but i am having fun and love the site here,so after all the drumroll here's my issue

    bought a Squier by Fender new from the local guitar center,felt i stole it!-`Antique Burst' nicely done(built) nice wood,i'm happy to `be allowed' to have this instrument as my first bass,,when i brought her home the neck was sweet,maybe a bit of fret buzz but i figured it was me gooobing,well the weather changed in the spring and the relief changed as well,i've put at least 3/4's of a turn on the truss rod(so far),bought some chrome flatwounds this weekend and put those on,tuned her and the neck (seemed to be) really torqued up badly after tuning,i torqued up the truss rod the last half turn of the `3/4 turn' i've applied,felt i was getting over my head and worrying about it/i released string pressure,today i took it to a `Larry's Music' outlet, the 30 year tech and a super nice guy jumped on it set up tuning/intonation, string hight,layed a strait edge on the fretts,it all seemed great!(as it was when i brought her home last spring),he even said`you got a good one she plays nice',,well

    brought her back to my auto body shop after lunch break intending to check the tune against MY Korg tuner just for kicks and(of course) the business over ran me(customers/estimates),,so(sigh) 7 hours after the tech`tuned' it i plug in my tuner and=out of tune and neck releife is UGLYHIGH(one word)=if i hold my elbow down on the body and pluck then torque the headstock down she goes into tune,the releief is now looking wayhigh!(one word;))add expletive here!!

    so,at this point i am just so bummed out i don't know weather to buy a MIM P,buy a neck and `take a shot' i'll get a good one,or hang it out the back of my `67 GTO with a small block chevy head on the headstock and maybe overnight the neck will get with the program(joking of course but don't think i havent dreamed it!),so i guess what i need to ask is=what neck would a man buy at a price sutable for a lowly`Squier',,to me it's all about the neck(anyway),a sweet neck and you want to play,bent up neck you want to forget the whole thing

    and as a point of note,not that i don't love everybody and AM impressed with the talent on the site here(i am) but,,,being a newby with a squier i feel choked in a way as far as making posts,,,like buying flyrods=a man has to start out somewhere before he can command a top line peice of equipment and if you don't ask you will never learn

    i aplogize for the long rambling post but i'm at wits end at this point,having six-strings,many for years and never EVER suffering neck issues (like this!)i just don't get it,,,also the weather currently is the hottest of the year=107 tomorrow,(as a reference for any willing to reply),maybe buy a neck,hang on squier then build from there?(from a good neck?)=peace!:D

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    I think getting a Warmoth neck for a Squier isn't that great of an idea...
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    a replacement neck isn't going to perform much better, if at all, than the stock neck (especially considering that a replacement is probably going to have the same essential components/construction). i'd just tell you to be patient with it, adjust the truss a small amount every day in the correct direction. you can't expect the neck to completely retain what the set-up guy did, it takes time for an adjustment to fully come into affect. sometimes you have to make the same adjustment multiple times for it to stay put.

    if all else fails (your action is still too high after both truss and saddle adjustment) you may think about shimming the neck by putting a piece of hardwood between the heel of the neck and the neck pocket where it screws into the body...this raises up the entire neck relative to the body. but like i said, be patient with the adjustments. if you were happy with it right after it was set-up by the tech, you know that it's possible to get back to that place.

    and nothing lowly about a squire, my main bass is a squire J and it's serves me very well. consider that true fenders cost a lot more because of the brand name, not necessarily because they are better quality.
  4. THANKS!,update is i went out in the shop(have one at my house)plugged in and,,,it is so humid i really wasn't having fun(to sticky),supposed to be 67F at 6AM i will check her at 6:30/7ish when i go back to work,i `could' back some country stuff,the flatwounds are cool!,sat and played to Alice Cooper(his evening radio show)`still have a long way to go' witch is quite like the `60's garage band' shtuff i have a fetish for(and pretty simple),i like simple!,,the relief measures 3/16ths at the 17 frett(open),a credit card slips the 3rd frett with the first frett down(E string),doesn't rattle but it's not tight either and i didn't measure the card,neck has a `shovel' shape going on below the headstock,,,,thinking i will give her a twist an 8th turn and watch her,,,,

    man i'm tired! starting early and had a great monday,didn't get much work done from noonish but i did schedule some(some of the local building contractors who suddenly have time to repair their trucks;)),,my equipment lives in my shop,bass hides in the trunk of my GTO in her bag(owned since i was 18,been`in the corner' same spot four four years) and an old Peavey TNT with cover,couple pedals,,,i just want to have fun with it at this point,sure love it,,anyway,have to shower down>i'll do what it takes i just shudder when i hear the truss rod squeek,,,tomorrows a brand new day!:hyper:

    (thanks again!):D
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    last piece of advice, you want to stow your instrument in a location with the least possible variation in temperature/humidity. if your shop get's particularly hot during the day and then cold at night, i'd move the bass into the house. can't comment on humidity, because i don't know where you are...usually it's not something you need to worry about, but if you have drastic changes in humidity either day to day or seasonally, consider designating a room at your place the 'music room,' and keep a humidifier to keep things level year-round.
  6. yes we've had the worst weather 109 yesterday and it rained around 6PM,my GTO registered 102F @ 3PM with a non-contact thermometer/gig bag(with bass inside) registered 98 so i brought it in the house,,that's car sitting INSIDE a shop building=102!

    havent touched it to busy with work right now but i am looking at necks(online),the headstock just does not look right almost inverted from where it was with no string load,,looked at a cheap bass today at a hock shop(one i had eyed before),a `Memphis' version of a P,man! now that cheap beater slut of a bass has a strait neck!,???,(witch P's me off! pun intended,plus its a maple fretboard

    i may buy it just for the neck for 70 bucks at least i can see it's a veteran that IS strait,i don't have to have a narrower J neck it won't cramp my(total lack of) style,~i want strait!~and this bass has one(something i'm skiddish about now;buying a replacement neck and beeing unhappy with it)

    so checking out this Memphis i'm not seeing a truss rod adjuster(not that it needs any:eyebrow:) must be one?,under the guard?,,i see nothing around the nut/headstock? how would they anchor it?

    my other idea is to buy the Memphis for a shop beater and spend money on the Squier J but this Memphis is,,uhh,,UGLY,,flourescent orange/red? with what looks like the cheapest `perloid'pick guard that resembles bathroom material;),don't want another project i want a neck,,and some cooler weather

    70 bucks is cheap! my only other question is=will it screw into my Squier neck pocket?:confused: