Rubicon Kharma

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  1. For several years my band had a booking at the Jeepers Jamboree at Rubicon Springs. This is a organized Jeep Expedition on one of the roughest jeep trails through the Desolation Wilderness, in No. America. 400 jeeps and 1200 people. About halfway they all camp at Rubicon springs where an old hotel burned down in the 30s. All that is left is the cement slab where the hotel used to be. The slab is used as a dance floor with huge logs around it for seating. A stage has been built against a cliff and the band plays off a generator. We would meet a Helicopter at Loon Lake and fly all our band equipment and camping gear in.

    The security is provided by the Jeepers and a few sheriffs as essentially this is one huge drunkfest.

    We had just started playing our first set when an obvious drunk came up and requested a slow song.
    It was pretty early to start up the slow material but we accomodated him anyway. It seems the gal that he was going to ask to dance was taken so he came back to me and immediately requested another slow number. I told him it would be a few songs before we could play another. He then became beligerant and started to harass me. I called for security, but it fell on deaf ears. He then started pressing my footswitches and eventually pushed my mic stand in to my beloved Pearl (my gibson bass). I came within inches of using the mic stand to remove some of his teeth but sanity returned. I'm staring this jerk down figuring I will just have to take him out into the woods on my break. Before the set was over I watched as this turkey in his drunken state, slip on one of the logs and fall face first on to the cement slab. Bloodied his nose. I turned to the band and said YEAH, a right from the bassplayer. Well this guy picks himself up and heads for the beer tent. I see him walk out behind it to relieve himself when he slips on a huge bolder and smacks the back of his head. YEAH, a left from the bassplayer. He disappeared back to his tent soon after that. Now that is KHARMA!