RULE REMINDERS: Two Most Frequently Broken Classifieds Rules

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    We've noticed that more and more, the most rule violations in the classifieds are regarding stock photos and deleting content from an ad. I thought it would be helpful to remind everyone of these rules now to try and curb further violations. Please take the time to review them, and all the rules found here: Classifieds FAQ.

    • You must use your own photos of the items you are selling. Using a previous owner's photos or photos of a similar item may not give an accurate representation of the current state of your item, so they are not permitted.

    • As classified ads are now infinitely editable, we no longer allow users to delete their own ads. This benefits all users in that they can use the archived pricing history as a guideline, as well as not allowing users to try to hide suspicious activity by deleting their own thread. When you no longer wish to have your ad be active, simply open your thread, click Thread Tools, select Edit Title, select "No Longer Available" from the pull down menu, and click Save. Editing all the information from your ad in an attempt to self-delete is not permitted and your posts will be edited back to their original state. Deleting the price from your title or all the information from your ad for any reason is not permitted- it will be reverted back to its previous state and a warning will be issued as well as a reply ban to prevent further editing.
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