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Rules & regulations

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by AllodoX, Sep 4, 2002.

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  1. Ok, here are the Forum Rules and Regulations.

    Follow these rules and you will be respected and liked by others. :)

    Don't follow these rules, and you will be banned :mad:


    We have Zero Tollerance on anti-tablature posts.

    This includes hints like " tabs cannot help you with that ".
    If you disagree with the basic idea behind tablature, do not visit this forum.
    If you wonder what the use is of having a tablature forum, do not come here.

    Break this rule and you will be warned, break it again and you will be banned.


    Spam is something we are 100 % against.
    You will be given a warning, and then if you Spam again, you will be banned.

    What is considered spam ?
    - posting false information
    - posting senseless things ( I.E posting somthing such as 'gfrzsdfbdbf' )
    - posting the same Topic repeated times.
    - Postings that have absolutely nothing to do with tabs.


    Racism is also something we are Zero Tollerant on.

    If you say anything racist in a post you will
    be banned without a warning being given.

    If you wear any Racist symbols in your Avatar
    or Signature, you will be banned.


    Discrimination against fellow members is not allowed.
    This means no bashing of bisexual or homosexual natures
    or using terms related to them in negative manners.

    If you continue posting remarks after you're warned,
    consider your ass banned.


    Even though playing bass can create strong sexual emotions ( ;) ),
    we do not allow people to post Pornographic Images or Hyperlinks.
    We also do not want to see images of Dead Bodys or Dead Animals.

    Posting these, will be rewarded with a free ban.


    Warez, Illegal Programs, and Ripped Graphics will result in
    a warning, and then a ban.


    Do not Disrepect or Flame an other Member or Staff on this forum.
    You will receive a warning, and then you will be banned on the
    second offense.

    if you feel the urge to argue with a moderator, call him/her names,
    or whatever; do it in a PM.
    Questioning a moderator in public will result in a ban.

    SHOUTING / l33t $sp34k

    Please do not shout, if you accidenly have Cap locks turned
    on that is one thing, but if you shout purposely your post
    will be edited by staff and if it continues you will be warned
    and or banned.

    Also, we do not appreciate so called " 31337 sp34k ". Words are written in alphabetical characters, not in numbers.


    Questions are always ok, but some members get frusterated by the
    amount of new people asking the same questions. If you have a
    questions please use the search button first, to check if
    the question was asked before.

    Polls.. ah yes.. you really like those, don't you ? Polls are alowed, but
    useless polls like " what colour is the underwear you wear today ? " will
    be removed, and if you keep posting them, you will also be removed ( banned ).

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