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Running 2 Pre-amp DI Boxes

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ChrisQuinn91, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I've been tryna think of a way to get that Royal Blood Tone without using any amps at all.

    Surely it could be made possible by splitting your signal in two and sending it to the PA via 2 seperate Pre-amp DI boxes (Sansamp/ MXR M80 etc)?

    The main question is: "Which pedals and switches do you think would go in each effect chain?"

    Has anyone tried this?
  2. I have been experiment some with a set up:
    Xp booster > splitter/switch loop/A Zoom MS60B bass effects, amp model
    loop/B Zoom MS100BT pitch shifters, guitar effects & modellers
    DOD 240 4 channel resistance mixer > Southampton Ictineo > Passive DI with Jensen xformer

    Not 100% on the new set up yet and may go back to my older set up using my Akai Unibass for the octave and fifth up into a Zoom G1X a bit old now but the tones are dialed in and I am comfortable with the set up. May add some choice dirt before the Zoom and use my short board for the bass side (mooer sweeper > Hjart Muller Lo|Fat OD > Zoom B2.1u)
  3. I'm going to need a few more morning coffees before I can take that in haha!
    You have FX Loop A and B going into a mixer then onto a DI?
  4. Yes to give the FOH a mono signal, that way I control the mix.
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