Running cabs in series or parallel?

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  3. I only said that because the language "chaining cabinets one to the next" in the ELECTRICAL sense would in fact be a series connection. But as we all know, normal cabs/connectors don't work that way so yeah, no.
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    No it is not a series connection. In an ELECTRICAL sense that wound mean that the operation of the first cab is DEPENDANT on the second cab being in the circuit. Electrical or electronic has no differences in a series circuit, it means a dependant loop between two loads. If there is an open to one load both loads will not function. There is really no defense of mis-information.
    Even mini christmas light strings are wired series-parallel, that is why if you remove one bulb in the string part of the string no longer lights while the other parts in parallel with that section continue to operate.
  5. Yes, I know. I really, really do. I'm an electronics tech. I get it. Just forget I said anything.
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    Too late...we're already on page 2.

    Yes, either daisy-chaining or running cables from two separate speaker outputs (amp) results in a parallel relationship unless mod'd by the user with a specially configured cable. That being said...

    I would like to publicly chastise the conspiratorial amp builders who intentionally hide the full potential of their products in the hopes that we, the consumer, go out and buy more amps and speaker enclosures. Be forwarned: we're on to the scheme and are diligently working to uncover the vast untapped power & volume resources which lay beneath the tolex.

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    Please understand I am not trying to beat on you personally :). I have seen this bit of misinformation linked before, it's like a fungus growing in an apple barrel ;) :cool:
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