Running clean & dirty signals/rigs in tandem

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    I'm attempting to pull the two-rig system to maintain low end and cut while my effects are running. Using SM900 -> SWR Triad for the clean signal and GK700rb -> SWR 6x10 for the dirty signal, with an ABY switch. Has anyone else had success running a system like this? Hell, would I be better off just keeping one signal? Maybe a line selector? What do you all think? Any advice welcome. Side note - anyone have any experience with a PreSonus ACP22? Trying to find a limiter/compressor/noise gate and this thing seems useful, but may end up trying to find these tools in pedal form...
  2. What you are suggesting should work fine, one precaution depending on the effects you use there can be some phase issues. Another precaution you will need a big stage and be at least 15 feet from you rig for best results, any closer and the mix or imaging will be pointless.
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  3. I run a dirty and cleanish rig. Octave up+other effects to the dirty side, delays, reverbs, etc... to both in stereo
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