running fx through a tech 21

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  1. I noticed the sansamp rbi (the rackmount version of the bass driver di) has an fx loop. This would mean that when you send your signal to the soundboard it would be mixed with any other fx units in plugged in the loop right?

    and my guess would be the bass driver DI pedal would not get your fx mixed in it since there is no loop. or would it?

  2. Here is what I was told by the company:

    You are correct in that the Bass Driver DI has no effect loop, and I assume you
    want to place the BBE after the SansAmp, not before it. So, does the BBE have
    an XLR output? If so, you could run from the Bass Driver's 1/4" output into the
    BBE, then to the mains. Or get another, passive direct box to put after the BBE
    (if it only has 1/4" outputs) to convert the signal to XLR low impedance before
    sending to the mains. That might still be cheaper than the SansAmp RBI

    Lloyd Schwartz, Product Manager
  3. Oh man, I just realised that you asked me this question over email, since I owned the RBI and the BDDI. Apologies for not replying!
  4. No problem at all ;)
  5. FX w/ Sansamp products can be tricky..they don't like changes in volume very well. things like Ev filters or OD boxes can give you some nasty "spikes" when using that classic Sansamp technology. Fun stuff but tubes have more "give" than the emulator circuit in IMO. Puch the Tech 21 too much and you get a nasty surprise....
  6. really, I suspected it could be a problem or actually maybe just overdoing it. Thanx for the warning. Its just I love my bbe so much and I don't want to give it up, but the DI sounds very useful too. :)