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  1. I was just thinking I am currently in the process of building my rack. so in the meantime I am just using an amp & cab. which is pretty straight forward to run into a soundsystem.

    what i am wondering is say for instance I have a rack that consists of a bass amp, an EQ, a bbe sonic maximizer and another fx unit. If I send a DI signal to the sound guy am I going to get my amp processed through the eq,maximizer and whatever fx I am using? or do I have to run this another way? I know a mic would do it very easy but what about a DI?

    thanx in advance
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    Sep 29, 2001
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    If you run your bass into a DI box and then out of that into your amp, and also out of the DI box into the mixing board, then no. You won't get any of the sound, fx, eq, or anything from your amp into the PA.

    If you come out of a direct out of your amp and into the sound board, then you should get most of that stuff, depending on your amp. But the direct line out on most amps is crap. It's way noisier than a good direct box.

    Other things that sometimes work:
    If you're not using your effects loop for effects, come out of the effects send into a direct box. If you do have effects units in the loop, come out of the last effects unit in the line, into to direct box. Out of the direct box into the effects return, and out of the direct box to the mixing board. This will get your effects and such into the PA. How much of the sound of your head that gets to the PA depends on where in the signal chain the effects loop is (how it is designed and built). If the effects loop comes after the eq, then your eq settings will affect your sound in the PA. If the effects loop is before the eq, then your eq changes will have no affect on your sound in the PA. The same is true of your compressor, gate, enhancer, whatever.
  3. great thanx for the reply.
    I think I am just going to stick to mic'ing my amp. It sounds much easier (although you made perfect sense). I think I will just invest in a decent microphone.

    The only reason I was wondering because I was considering a Tech 21 but I wasn't sure if it would just override my bbe and any other stuff I use.
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    Sep 29, 2001
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    That's not a bad way to go, but don't spend tons of money on an amp and speakers and then go buy a cheap mic to put on it. Your sound will be dependant on the microphone just like it is on the other parts of your signal chain. If at all possible, listen to what your rig sounds like through different microphones. Mics can be as different as pickups or speakers or whatever. I don't usually mic my rig, but if I did, I'd get a Beyerdynamic M88. It's not cheap, but it's my favorite mic for nearly anything that has a lot of low frequencies that you want to capture. It is a great kick drum mic. Great for double bass or cello. good for guitar if you want a lot of bottom from the guitar. And for the large male vocalist with that huge deep voice, this mic will allow him to blow the doors off the place. I love it.

    You might be able to rent a handful of mics from a touring live sound company that does rentals. Prices I've seen are around 8 bucks for a fairly cheap mic, ten to fifteen for a pro, but still not all that expensive mic like a sure SM57, and around twelve to twenty bucks for their better mics, maybe a little more if you are trying to get something real expensive. These prices would be for one night's rental. Try out a Senheiser 421, the Beyer M88 I mentioned, an Electro-Voice RE-20 if you can find one that they'll rent out and if you can afford it. Try an AKG D112 or other mics that are usually used for kick drum. Also try some common things like a Sure SM57. If you don't have a lot of dough, rent three or four and do a shootout to find your favorite of those. Next time, when you have some more money, rent a few different ones and the one that was your favorite the first time. See what you like and good luck.
  5. thanx again :)
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    When I ran a rack set up, I had a preamp, EQ, tuner, compressor and sonic maximizer in from of the power amp. My solution was to get a rack mountable passive DI and mount on the rear rails. It had parrallel sends, so I just ran a cable from the output of the last effect in the chain to the DI and out of th parrallel send into the power amp. It worked great.

    You don't even really need a rack DI. You could velcro a single DI box in the back of your rack and get the same result.
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    Jul 2, 2000
    I run my bass signal
    to my wireless
    to my compressor
    to my chorus
    to the input of my amp.
    then run a mic cable from the direct out on the back of my amp (which is post EQ) to the board.
    everything I hear coming out of my amp I also hear coming out of the P.A. system.
  8. thanx guys

    I have been thinking about this for too long now.:)
  9. Rex, If you get a rack setup, or if you use a head/cab, you can do this; Get the BDDI, run out of it to the board. You can also send the amp DI out to another channel and mix the signals there. Some amp racks like the Eden Navigator has 3 DI sends and a side chain FX blend control. Even if you just use the head/cab, you run the BDDI in front and send the signal to the board before it goes through the board.
    BTW, I got rid of my BBE. (Too sparkely) I got sick of the sound. I use one on my home stereo for old Cream & Allman Bros records.