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  1. Anyone heard of this scottish rock/progressive/folk band with traditional influences? I like them, anyone else like them?
  2. Scottish rock? Sounds cooler than....some things.

    I'm-a going to go google them rightaway.
  3. Hookay. Just heard 'Running'. Pretty okay song.

    Whats YOUR flavorite song? And how is it flavorful?
  4. They don't do a song called 'Running', but there's a song called 'Running To The Light'. Does it have a fiddle at the start?
  5. I've only heard a few songs, but I enjoy an old classic Scots song called "Loch Lomand" by them.

    never thought I'd EVER read about them here! ;)
  6. Ahhhh well, their bassist was the guy that introduced me to bass. I felt he didn't get enough credit for what he does, and also, bass was bigger, and looked kooler, so I wanted to be a bassist since I was 5. Then I heard Mike Kroeger on Never Agaon and I was like 'I must have that bassssss' and then I got really serious about it, and the rest is history........
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