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  1. Hey guys, I thought I post this up here to drum up some interest in my Rush tribute band. The band is called Second Nature and has been around since the 80's (although I haven't been with them that long). We have a Facebook page and some old, OLD, OOOOOOLD videos from about 15 years ago up on youtube. The vids aren't great, they're from a rough show, but I put them up anyway just for kicks.

    We're going to try to get some other videos from some better shows up as soon as I can get them transfered to DVD, along with some rehearsal vids. I'm playing my old PRS in the vids, and the tone wasn't there (with the bass or the Taurus pedals). I've learned a ton since then though and I've got Ged's tone nailed down, and can't wait to get some more recent stuff up for you guys to hear. Unfortunately, this is all I have for right now.

    Anyway, we have a live DVD recording set up in Baltimore for July 7th. It will be a 2 hour show at Orion Studios and there will only be 100 available tickets. We're still trying to schedule some shows for the summer, but I wanted to post this up to get a little activity on our pages.

    If you know anyone else who might be into it, please pass it on and I'll keep you all posted on our progress. I appreciate your support fellas!

    Here's a link to our FB and Youtube pages:

    Second Nature - Rush Tribute Band | Facebook

    2ndNatureRushBand - YouTube
  2. Hey.. this is Mike.. the bass player for Blame Canada, a Rush Tribute out of Northern VA. We just played at the 8x10 Club in B'more a few months ago and will be back there again soon. Glad to see you guys makin' a comeback. I did a search about a year ago to see if there were any other Rush Tributes in the area before we got started with it. Saw some posts and links about you guys and checked out your vids. I'll friend you on FB and look for your shows to come up and come have a good time watching someone else working at playing this stuff!! Best wishes!
  3. Hey Mike, I saw that you guys were down there. I was out of town with my kids, otherwise I would have come check you out. I'll check out you guys over on FB too.