Rust Belt Custom Pedal Boards

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    Jun 7, 2014

    I'm hopeful to find some information about Rust Belt Custom Pedal Boards:
    Rust Belt Pedal Boards

    My question is aimed at thoes individuals who have actual, real life, hands on experience with these products.

    The website indicates choice of wood, hardware, size, paint, AC power in options, DC power out options, travel/storage case and a few other custom options are available. They have an advertisement indicating their custom pedal boards begin at about $200.00.

    I love the idea of a pedal board built to my specific needs, high quality and with 1970's Peavey Tank like construction.

    My pedals are a Markbass Compressore, an MXR Envelope Filter, a Pitch Black Tuner, a Fairfield Circuitry OD and a TC Helicon Mic Mechanic. Truth be told I prefer the sound of my Bass plugged directly into my amp.

    Thank you in advance for any good, bad and/or indifferent experiences you may have.