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  1. olly


    Feb 17, 2005

    by accident I got a bassguitar (it's a heritage) from a friend of mine.
    On the head of the bass is the following written in handletters:

    Total hand made by Slawek "Rybski" Waclawik
    Poland Warsaw 4.08.1987

    My question is if anyone of you do have further information about Rybski bassguitars, maybe a website, an email adress or something else.

    Thanks from Germany for your help

  2. tthinkbiz

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    Feb 4, 2008
    I know Swavick personally. He is living in Middle TN. I actually know how to contact him also. I have 2 Rybski basses and they are the absolute bast basses I've ever played.

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  3. Intriguing. I like it when unknown luthiers get some of the limelight thanks to TB. I'd also like to know more!
  4. My Rybski is out of commision due to pre-amp gone bad. It was made for me 13 years ago. If you know how to contact Swavick, it would be much appreciated. I have since moved from the Nashville area and have lost contact with him. You can post the info on this site or you can email it to me at faceplant2@aol.com. I miss my bass and have many gigs. Thanks. -Ray Cardwell