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  1. I have been playing bass for 4 years. Im in a rock band, with upbeat punk type beats. Ive previously used a pick..but I'd like to use my fingers now and I am having trouble making the transition, I cant keep up, what kind of things can I do to help my speed, so I can play solid, fast bass lines. (My trouble comes from having to play like tight and fast while the guitars palm mute).
    If someone could help me out, anyone...I would be sooo grateful.
  2. SOrry, I'm afraid you probably know the answer to your question.... practice!

    Sit on the bass with a metronom if you can be bothered, or else just on your own, playing round some sort of riff, or scale, use at least the first two fingers (though I'd reckommend going for three if you can.) and just play.

    If you build up the speed slowly you'll get there in the end.

    I am currently in teh same position as you, but the other way round! I can finger my strings like lightening, but I'm trying to work soem picked stuff into my sound, and it's slow!

    Good luck.
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    like the cat said, start slow and get that steady and then move up in speed. one thing too you might try is using more than just two fingers - try using three (or even all four, ala john entwhistle or jack bruce) in cascade. this is tough though, especially if you're still kind of new. try playing closer to the bridge too, where the string is taunter. more definition there also. might have to compensate a little w/the eq (more bottom, less top cuz that what gets cut and boosted, respectively, there).

    hope this helps. don't get hurt, go slow and build up gradually.

    on bass, watt