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?s on the Yamaha BB605 and the BTB 4005QM

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassman1185, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. I'm thinking really seriously about three basses, the two mentioned above and the MTD Heir. I've played a Kingston, so I know about all I need to on that one, so I have to ask about the other two. First, what are the necks like on them? I've heard the BB605 described as "chunky," and I know that the BTB is wide, but I'm curious about the thinckness front to back. Is the BB605 full width, or is it just thick? I really want a bass with wide spacing. Also, What is the neck on the BTB made of? Is it Maple and Walnut? Thanks.
  2. I can speak to the BTB405 as I own one and play it regularly. The neck is a five piece laminate with alternating layers of maple and walnut. The neck tends to be a little wider and thicker than the narrow ones that I have seen. I've played a Carvin LB75 once and an MTD Kingston twice. If I recall correctly, the BTB405 neck felt closer to the size of the MTD neck than to the narrower Carvin. Each make is a little different and which neck size is the best has to do with each individual's preference. My BTB feels great to me and produces great tone and sustain.
  3. Thanks, KeiBau. I forgot to put tis in the original post, but what kind of finishes are on the backs of the BTB and BB605 necks? I've tried, but I can't play gloss finished necks. hey, I just noticed you live in Iowa, too! What part do you live in?
  4. The back of the neck on the BTB405 is not a gloss finish. It is a very natural satin finish, almost a matte. I have some additional specs for you that may help. I'm going to include the Carvin LB75 just for comparison. I know you didn't mention it as one that you were looking at. The neck size on the BTB405 is given as follows: Width - 1.85" at the nut, 3.0" at the 24th fret; Radius 12.0"; Thickness - .866" at the 12th fret. On the MTD Kingston, the width is given as 1.875" at the 0-fret. The width of the MTD neck at the 24th fret wasn't given on their website, but as I recall, it was 3.0" same as the BTB. The Carvin neck is thinner: 1.75" at the nut and 2.75" at the 24th fret. I tried a Yamaha 5 string at the Guitar Center in Edina, MN several weeks ago and it felt very similar to the BTB. I couldn't find any specs on the Yamaha website. Ibanez calls the BTB neck "substantial". Also, the body of the BTB's are fuller (larger) compared to other current model solid body basses. In fact, the only solid body electric bass that I've played having a larger body was the old Gibson Ripper that I learned on. I was so accustomed to a large bass that I had to find a large bass to replace it, therefore, the BTB405 (although the BTB's are not huge by any means). By the way, I hail from Clear Lake, but I have relatives in DesMoines and in Ankeny.
  5. Thanks. I went to a bunch of guitar shops in Des Moines, and I got to play a BTB404 (I think that's the name. I absolutely loved it. It sounds so good. Just what I'm looking for. Now I just need to scrape up $600. By the way, has anyone seen a BTB in Blueberry Transparent? I'd like to see one of those.
  6. You can find a photo of the Blueberry Transparent on the Ibanez website. Just go to the basses section, click on BTB, wait for the basses to load, scroll down to the BTB405 and click. My BTB405 is Transparent Purple (discontinued color). Don't let the idea of purple scare you, it's actually close to a deep red wine color. Very sharp. I prefer flatwound strings and have used both D'Addario extra long Chrome Flats and Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats. I currently am using the T-I flats on my bass and I really am impressed with the tone and feel. The T-I flats are said to not fit a 35" scale bass, but they do fit the BTB. The B-string just barely, but does fit though (just a 1/4" to spare).

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