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  1. Alright so i bought a s.u.b. 01 yesterday without really doing much research except price. i got it brand new for 550 and new strings with it for free. now the place i bought it from has a real ernie ball stringray in copper, which is really really nice. so you guys think it would be worth saving th extra 450 and returning the s.u.b.? i mena i like the s.u.b. but its not real stingray. is the difference really that big, or it is just me... just incase anyone ask, i play metal hardcore punk, rock stuff like that but i'm into every and play whatever. mesa cabs swr head. just if anyone needed to know.
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    Aug 5, 2003
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    big difference
  3. +1 I A/B/C'd a stingray S.U.B. and O.L.P. about a year ago

    The 'ray kicked butt...and I fully expected this, as I have played them before...

    The S.U.B. didn't feel great (I hate painted necks) and the sound was uninspiring...I actually dug the passive tone of the OLP over the sound of the S.U.B.

    IMO...for a little more than $550 you can get yourself a very nice Fender or a G&L that will probably serve you better than an S.U.B.

    if you are unsure enough about your purchase to ask this question, return the instrument now and keep shopping.
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    S.U.B.s are Ernie Ball Basses. They are made at the same factory as Stingrays and Bongos.
  5. this I know...doesn't change my opinion of them...painted necks are just plain ICKY!
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    I agree on a nice Fender or G&L Tribute. I'd check out the Deluxe Active Jazz and the Tribute L2000. Two very fine basses. Hell, the Trib(Korean made) is much closer to an American L2000 than a SUB is compared to a 'ray, and they're made in the same factory.
  7. Well, in the UK the price difference makes the differences less to bother about!

    My SUB has the active 2 band EQand sounded very much like a 2 band pre Ernie Ball Ray that a friend of mine had. Playability was also great ,and I'm fine with painted necks (YMMV).

    To be honest, unless you're wanting a 3 band EQ 'Ray you'll be fine with the SUB - but that is based on the price deifference in UK money - the difference may not be so great where you live!
  8. i know this but no where on a sub does it say ernie ball
  9. My SUB has the Ernie Ball logo on the back of the head where the serial number is located. It also says 'MUSICMAN' in big letters on the front of the head.
  10. and, most importantly...it has PAINT on the back of the neck...it's a personal thing, but I don't like that...
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    From the ones I've played, it isn't worth it to pay twice as much for a Stingray instead of a SUB. I'd go for a used Stingray over a new SUB if the prices were close enough, but otherwise I'd stick with the SUB.
    They are fine basses.
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    I bought my SUB since early this year, used it quite a bit. The painted neck has worn to a really nice semi-gloss finish which is as smooth as any of the Fenders and better than some of the Gibsons I have.

    It's a great bass for the price, and, it's a personal thing, but I really can't see the value in paying twice as much for a 'Ray.
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