saddle all the way down, should I still convert to fretless?

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  1. I have a 5 string Mexican fender jazz that doesn’t get much playing time that id like to convert to fretless. Have been watching tons of videos and reading as much as I can about fretless conversions. I figure worse case scenario if I completely butcher it I can buy a replacement neck. Either way out of my 3 basses it gets played the least and it cost a fraction of what my main player cost me. Here’s the thing. I noticed this weekend that the b string saddle is already all the way down against the body with the bass having frets. Im curious if this could become a potential issue with the conversion. Or is this something easily fixable with like a little shim or something? Currently there is a little too much relief in the neck for my taste so I can straighten the neck out a little bit but I’m concerned that the b string action will be too high.
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    This is your answer right here. A shim will take you to where this will set up well
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    This is precisely what shims are for.
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  5. Thanks y’all