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Sadowsky 24 fret 5 string

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Garrett Mireles, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. If any of you guys out there are considering one, I emailed Roger about the humbucker spacing (too close for me).

    Anyway here's the email exchange:

    On 3/9/03 8:56 PM, "GJMVI@aol.com" <GJMVI@aol.com> wrote:

    24 fret 5-String:

    Can you tell me the spacing between the humbuckers? I need 1 1/2" of space to play with my fingers, and I'm not sure if the spacing is big enough. If it's too close together, can I custom order one to have the neck pup set further out?


    As a graduation present (for honor roll), I'm receiving the bass of my choice. I play Metal/Classical. But I can't decide between the Sadowsky J-Bass (or the 24 fret 5 string) and a Spector. I have many sound bites of Spectors, but I have only heard Sadowsky's from Jason Newsted playing them. Any plans to put sound samples on your site?

    Thanks Rob,


    Hi Garrett,

    I can do this for you on special order just as I did for Jason. We normally have 7/8” between the pickups. But Jason had the same needs as you so we moved the neck pickup closer to the neck to give him the needed space. There would be a $250 custom order charge for this.

    I am currently working on some sound samples of Will Lee for the web site but that would not be the bass you are interested in.

    Best regards,

    Roger Sadowsky

    Can't wait for those sound samples. :D
  2. www.mp3.com/voivoid

    Yeah, not my cup of tea though. Sounds kinda punkish.

    Sure as hell isn't "heavy metal" (or so listed) ;)
  3. I'm not mad..I just don't like them.

    Back on topic...