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Sadowsky Ground Noise Problem

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Big String, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Hi Folks.
    Got me a used NYC Sad Vintage 4 couple weeks ago and have had a couple problems. I sent it back to the NYC shop to get a few things done but one problem still exists. That being, a crackling noise when I run/play my hand up and down the neck or rub/touch the pickguard. After doing this, I touch the strings with my right hand and there is a small pop.

    The crackle loudness depends on how high the preamp is, especially the treble knob, and how fully engaged the VTC is. Meaning if I roll the VTC completely counter clockwise it disappears, at least I can't hear it, and the more treble/bass I add on the preamp the louder it gets. Same thing when passive is engaged. Now the VTC was just replaced at the shop because it was noisy when I first got it and NYC varified that so it's not the VTC. Strangely, NYC repair shop could not get my bass to make this crackling sound at all.... When I spoke with the shop yesterday it was suggested to go ahead and remove the bridge and check and see if the ground was connected. I did so and found the ground wire soldered to a strip of copper tape at the top of the hole under the bridge. Now I'm not sure if the wire and tape are actually supposed to be attached with solder to the bridge piece or if it just makes contact when screwed to the body... So I reinstalled the bridge and played at a jam session last night. The crackle remains as it was before and my friends noticed right away. It's not my amp or cord because none of my other instruments to this. And, it's not my receptecles in my house. It is definaltely the bass.

    I also noticed that when I roll completely to the Bridge Pickup the crackle again disappears or at least I can't hear it anymore. When I start to roll back to both pups it returns. I'm wondering if it's the NECK pickup or the wiring to it.

    Another phenomenon. While placing a whiping towel in my hand and rubbing the neck there is no crackle... very strange. Static electricity should continue to charge even with the material between my hand and the neck, I think.

    Anyone else have this problem? I'm going to report back to NYC on Monday as requested but want to brainstorm on the weekend while I have some spare time. Thanks if you can add and experience.

    MAJOR METAL HARVESTER OF SORROW Staff Member Supporting Member

    Could it be the cable or its connection?.Any pics of the bass in question?. ;)
  3. My conclusion so far it is the bass. I've looked inside several times and it looks very good. Also the NYC shop looked at all that. I'm sure they would have pursued the problem but didn't hear IT which suprised me. As I said all thing the exact same, and my other instruments did not have the problem. I did use two differnt cables also.
  4. Got up this morning and plugged #4018 back in. Still having the crackling noise.... :meh: My Wife was sitting at the computer and I asked her to put the bass on and try the rubbing action. Low and behold... nothing. :confused: Called one of my Daughters in, same thing... nothing. Could it just be ME ??? :eek: That's why when buffering with a whiping towel between my hand and the neck negates the crackle almost completely. My Wife suggested it was my very dry skin. Well, I think she might have something. I put some lotion on and the crackle seemed to deminish 90%. As it wore off the crackle returned. Weird though, my other Sadowsky does not do this AT ALL. I'm perplexed... :rolleyes:
    Obviously that is why the NYC shop could not make the crackle happen, must have normal skin...
  5. E.O.M.


    Dec 7, 2001
    Grand Rapids, MI
    That is one of the weirdest things I've heard all morning...

  6. Yep!
  7. Yes, authentic weirdness...

    Another Daughter tried it and she makes it crackle too....
    My wife tried it again and made it crackle only by the headstock.... this is getting too weird. Anyway I'm back to thinking it's the neck pickup somehow. We all tried my other NYC and none of us could make it crackle. I might just have to live with it because it's an awesome bass.
  8. Thanks Smash. In your opinion would that help the neck rubbing part too, which is most of the problem. As I said it's really exaggerated when favoring the neck pickup and almost nil when the bridge pup is fully engaged. Does this sound like a pickup to you?
  9. pdxmar


    Feb 13, 2005
    Your problem is static electricity. Verify this buy spraying or rubbing some anti static guard on the pickguard. You can get a can at any grocery store . The problem should go away. The dry air and other conditions are the problem..........hope this helps.
  10. Thanks for you suggestion. I'm wondering why this is just happening with this bass and not the almost identical other bass I have under the exact same conditions and gear. Also I'm wonder how that spray would react to the Nitrocellulous Laquer on the neck. It's pretty touchy to certain chemicals.

    I will check into your suggestion.
  11. Going back to the Master.
  12. Have not had a chance to post for a while, but got my bass back... it's perfect! Roger and the Boys fixed me up right. Did a little shielding etc. and now it's just way nice. Thanks ROGER, you are definately the MAN!
  13. Roger shielded the pickguard and the neck pickup wire through the body, that's all I know.