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  1. Greetings,

    I'm happy to announce I just got and very nice Metro MV4 sunburst with VTC. It sounds and plays great and I love the highs and PHAT lows NICE!!!

    I've been playing a Lull modern vintage, sunburst, pao ferro board, 2 band bart with Fralin humcancelling PUPs. for about 4-5 yrs

    Also I have a Skyline Glaub passive 4 string Black / maple with Fralin vintage P for about 1 year.

    First of all they all sound great, play great, and are all made very good.

    In all honesty I see no real difference in the quality of any of the basses even though there’s at least a $1000.00 spread. All three have great fret work, straight necks, great hardware and PUPs, and great electronics, all weight in around 8 to 9lbs or so, all good finishes and nice looking quality woods.

    The Lulls neck is a little chunkier than the Sadowsky both are still fast necks comfortable necks.

    The Glaub neck is a P bass copy so it's neck is wider as to be expected. The Glaub also is a plain black finish so it's easier to paint than a sunburst but I like the black look and it’s a perfect finish. My only complaint with this bass is a dead spot on the G or D I think?

    As far as value goes I'll rate them like this:

    Lakland #1 Obviously the lowest cost made in Korea, but finished with Chicago quality. I paid $600.00 used Mint. New $900.00 (passive) add $250.00 for retro-preamp

    Lull #2 Made in US by Mike Lull paid $1350 or so new 5 yrs ago todays street price $1700-1800

    Sadowsky #3 Made by the Sadowsky team in Japan. Paid $1500 used 99% mint.
    Street price $2100.00 – $2200 with VTC

    Summary: It’s your call they’re all really fine basses in their own right with quality so close to each other it makes little difference if any actually exists.
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    Jan 30, 2004
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    First of all Congrats on your Metro! I have an RV4 with VTC that is just amazing, I love my Sadowsky and am working towards a 5 string.

    seems alot of these threads are popping up lately... comparing Sadowsky Metros to Laklands to Lulls or whatever else.

    Ill just say, I have had 2 USA 55-94s in the past and the Metro is definitely in the same league with the USA Laklands, I havent had my hands on a Skyline or Lull yet. I myself prefer the tone of Sadowsky to the Bart System in the USA/ Skyline Deluxe 55 series.

    I am wanting to get my hands on a Lakland DJ 5 string though ...

    - Tom
  3. I think the "chunkyness" of the Lull neck might be due to the fact that it's somewhat of an older model - they'll undergone slight refinements over the years, one of which I've read about is the neck size. More recent models have generally been said to have less thick necks that Sadowskys.
  4. Greetings,

    It's seems as if the so called 3rd world countries have now acquired the skill to make guitars just as good or better then the US builders and of course for less $$.

    I would also bet they're using the same quailty woods too or the Lakland SL for example wouldn't sound so good.

    I know the hardwares the same as the US models.

    I was in Guitar Center yesterday and saw a beautiful fender quilt maple top orange burst and thought it would be a $1500.00 bass, No it selling for $600.00 with bassliine J PUP.

    I checked it out real close and it's all good for $600.00
  5. Greetings

    Maybe so, my comment was not a negative it's a real nice neck. the difference it very small.
  6. Sorry, that can't be further from the truth... I've owned both basses at the same, actually, two of each at the same time, and both Lulls had a much slimmer neck than the Sadowsky. The Sadowsky neck is actually what I'd call a "chunky" neck, but it's a pretty comfortable chunky IMO.
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    My Lull P5 had a slimmer neck profile than my Sadowsky P5.
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    Nice review, it's great to hear from someone who owns the three brands of basses I'm interested in at this time. Great work :cool:

    I'm most interested in the Lull, but my budget is dictating a Lakland Skyline 55-02; it's the bass best suited for my price range. I'm in the process of finding the best deal on a standard model at this time. Hopefully I'll have one before this Christmas.

    One day, I'll get the chance to try out a Sadowsky to see what all the buzz is about, but even the Metro's are out of my price range at this point in time.
  9. That's the great thing about Lulls from a buyers POV - they're less known to the general public and therefore sell for much less used than both Sadowsky USAs and Metros... to the point of less than 60% of the price new. You can easily pick up a "used mint" Modern 5 with all the trimmings (AAAAA maple top, top-shelf pups/electronics) which is on par with a Sadowsky USA for less than a new Metro.

    I'd honestly keep your eyes open on eBay, the For Sale forum here, and some of the bass-only stores - for not much more than a 55-02 you could easily pick up a Lull.

    ...and can you tell it's my "dream bass" by how I speak of them? :D
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    "You can easily pick up a "used mint" Modern 5 with all the trimmings (AAAAA maple top, top-shelf pups/electronics) which is on par with a Sadowsky USA for less than a new Metro."

    Certainly not in my experience. The Lulls I've tried lacked the combination of punch and fatness of all the Sadowsky's I've played. I've owned 3 Sadowskys and played several Lulls. The Lull electronics seem to be part of the difference. But thats OK, my experience doesn't have to match others.
  11. I actually had a different experience here. I owned both a Lull MV5 and a Lull Vintage 4. The Vintage 4 had a slimmer, faster playing neck than my Sadowsky NYC. However, the MV5 that I had had some serious chunk to it. I would say it was as thick, if not thicker than the Sadowsky. I believe the serial # for the MV5 was in the 200 range, IIRC. Not sure about the vintage 4.