No longer available Sadowsky Metro MS-5 Jazz Bass, Trans White, Maple - Trade For PJ-5

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    Sadowsky Metro MS-5 Jazz Bass, Trans White, Maple - Trade For PJ5

    Fantastic bass in excellent shape, and the finish is gorgeous. Comes with the Sadowsky hard/soft shell case.

    I'm interested in trading for a well made PJ-5, and willing to listen to all good offers. A straight-up trade for a Sadowsky PJ-5 would be ideal, but not required. A maple neck is preferable, but not required.

    I am trading because I just seem to be playing more p vs j bass these days. This is an amazing instrument, but I have other j basses if/when I need one.

    Please message me with offers - Thank you!

    ** Click here for more pics on Google Drive **


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    Sent you a PM.
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