SOLD Sadowsky Metro RV5 PJ Oly White

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  1. Price:
    For sale is an excellent condition Sadowsky Metro PJ 5 string, Olympic white finish, tort guard. Sadowsky pickups, Sadowsky 2 band boost only preamp with VTC. 9.6 pounds, 34" scale, 19mm string spacing. Comes with a Sadowsky case. Everything works great, nice setup and ready to go. Serial number places this as a 2008 or 2009 build.

    Specs from Sadowsky:


    • Sleek undersized J body shape
    • Solid swamp ash or alder body
    • Thicker headstock and graphite strips dramatically reduce dead spots and create a more even response on every note
    • Morado fingerboard
    • 1 7/8” nut width
    • 21 18% nickel/silver frets .094″ wide x .051″ high, maximum hardness
    • Licensed Hipshot Ultralight tuners
    • Sadowsky Humcancelling P/J pickups (60’s location)
    • Classic Sadowsky Treble and Bass boost pre-amp with true bypass switch
    • Controls: master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost, treble boost
    • Sadowsky bridge with quick release
    • 19 mm 5 string bridge spacing

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  2. Have had some good offers, let's get this bass on to it's new home!!
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    Any particular trade interests on your short list?
  4. Nothing particular, prefer 5 string. Would like also prefer partial trade plus cash if possible.
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  5. sale pending payment...
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