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Sadowsky Metro UV70 vs. Marcus Miller V

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jason Hale, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Fender Marcus Miller V

    9 vote(s)
  2. Sadowsky UV70 Metro

    37 vote(s)
  1. If I buy a 5 string, I can't decide between a Sadowsky UV70-5 Metro or a Fender Marcus Miller V. Please vote.
  2. maurilio

    maurilio Musician - Owner Mo's Shop & MBD - Tech Nordstrand

    May 25, 2003
    Redlands, CA
    Endorsing artist: Nordstrand - Genzler Amplification - Sadowsky - Dunlops Strings
    I've tried a couple of MM V, but I didn't like them. The sound is not bad at all, but I don't like the way they feel... and the look!
    Sadowskys fit way better and look better, IMHO.

    Have a nice week

  3. bikeplate

    bikeplate Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2001
    Upstate NY

    Just picked up a UV Sadowsky 4. It kills. I'm pro Sadowsky, of course, but I've heard good things about the MM's too. Try them for yourself and see. Have fun

  4. Mr_Dave


    Mar 11, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    Employee - Basscentre Melbourne
    really nice, Uv70 5string on ebay right now

    god knows why he is selling it...

    i love my 4 string

    i have played a marcus 5 and it was good, has avintage radius on the finger board and the b string isn't the tightests i heard of felt

    the sad has a flatter modern radius and in my opinion the best 2 band pre you can get for bass.
  5. burk48237

    burk48237 Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2004
    Oak Park, MI
    I played a couple of Marcus fivers and they were OK, but I didn't feel they were any better then a Lakeland DJ skyline with a J-retro. But they cost more. I own two Sadowskys, Nuff said!!
  6. Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

    Jan 9, 2004
    London ON
    I had a MMV and liked it very much. It played great, looked good and had that Marcus sound dialed in. The treble boost was far too subtle for my taste. Very hard to hear any change in tone. Maybe mine had a problem but I never played another to compare it to.

    I now have a Metro MS5, not the UV. The B string is much better on the Sadowsky and I like the preamp much more but would like a mid control as well. I wish I still had the MMV just to have but realistically it had to be sold because it wansn't going to be played much. The only problem I have had with my Sadowsky is the jack. It is not working well and probably needs to be replaced. A little disappointing to say the least that a $3000 CDN bass is brought down by a jack.


    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Staff Member Supporting Member

    I would buy the Sadowsky anyday ! Overall quality, build construction and sonic character of the pick ups and preamp really does it for me and that is why it is my first pick. :hyper: :bassist:
  8. MikeBass

    MikeBass Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2003
    Royal, Oak, MI.
  9. Thegiantgnome


    May 31, 2005
    i pooped on a marcus miller bass before
  10. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    I'd have to say Sadowsky hands down.. I like Fenders, but the MM was a disappointment to me. Never could get THAT tone from it.
    a Sadowsky with the VTC ( man, that VTC is a must have for me ) is a killer bass.
    Oddly enough, to me, the American Deluxe Jazz gets more"Marcusy" than the MM...:meh:
  11. I hope it wasn't mine! :eek:

    I have a Marcus 4 with Sadowsky PUPS and Pre and I have played a number of Marcus 5's. I really love the 4 but I could not find a 5 that really did it for me. The 4 with the Sads is an amazing bass and everyone who plays it loves it. It is being sold to make room for some more 5's. I got a Sadowsky MV5 a couple weeks ago and it is a fabulous bass and fast becoming one of my favorites of all time. I have also had a Sadowsky UV 70 5 (one of the first!!) in my hands for a few days and I could not recommend it any higher if you are looking for the 70's vibe. It has it in spades and the setup and finish are extraordinary.

    I tweaked the action on my MV 5 (I lowered it on this one after having to raise it on most of the other Sads I have tried) and it is now my main player. I say play them both if you can but keep in mind that Sadowsky has the 7 day return ploicy so you really don't have anything to lose. The Sadowsky is DEFINITELY worth the difference.


  12. hands5


    Jan 15, 2003
    good 'ol USA/Tampa fla.
    I have both MS 5 & MMV,and I love my Sad,but the MMV feels better to me,because I like the radius of the neck than that of the Sad,however they are as different than night and day.
    The Sad has a real tight sweet punchy tone,and real heavy down low ( a good thing),on the other hand the MMV is real "fat in the low & upper mids department.
    The Sad does have a tighter B,but it's no big deal to me that it does. I've been bless to be able to own both and I've enjoyed them very much
  13. pedroferreira


    Feb 10, 2003

    Hey Tommixx can you show us a pic of your MV5?


  14. I was able to A/B two Sadowskys against a MMV in Nashville at Corner Music recently. I played them through an Eden Metro (as that's my rig). The Sadowsky basses were a MS5 and a RV5. I must say I couldn't tell a lot of difference between them. That said, I picked the MS5 to A/B against the MMV because it's ash/maple.

    First off, without plugging, I liked the Sadowsky just for the feel. It just fit me. Then I got the MMV off the wall. I played it unplugged and was diggin it. Then I plugged in. Immediate disappointment. I mean it was a good bass but for $1600? The Sadowsky was only $400 more.

    I set the controls on each bass the same in several different configurations including flat. The Sadowsky ate it for breakfast. The treble control on the MMV was virtually "not there". For no more than it does, they should have just left it off. Then I went into passive mode. Could they make it any weaker? Geeeeezzzz!

    Then the ultimate in curiosity arose. I grabbed an outboard Sadowsky preamp and used it on the MMV in passive mode. And there you go. I was virtually playing a "Sadowsky" with "Fender" on the headstock. I still l preferred the fingerboard radius of the Sadowsky. And I still wouldn't pay $1600 for the MMV because if I added an outboard or on board pre I'd be looking at a price equal to a Sadowsky. To take it a step further, I got my 62 RI Jazz and done the same test. Same results. One cool thing about this test. I realized that I could use my Jazz with the outboard pre and still have a VTC. Awesome?!?!

    In conclusion, I'm glad I tried an outboard pre before buying a Sadowsky bass. A Sadowsky outboard pre will be my next purchase (I would have bought that one but I had just came over from Guitar Heaven in Antioch, TN and purchased a SansAmp BDDI...which rocks). The Sadowsky outboard pre will be used with my 62 RI Jazz until I can buy a Sadowsky. But I'm in no hurry. After all, I'll be paying about $1200 more for a more comfortable fingerboard. That's about it.

    I've owned Modulus, Music Man, Lakland, Zon, Fender, Ibanez, and MPG. I preferred the Sadowsky Metro I tried overall.

  15. anyone agree or disagree with these points?
  16. Mr_Dave


    Mar 11, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    Employee - Basscentre Melbourne
    in a word, yep!

    i think you summed it up very well, for the price the sadowsky really does eat the marcus for breakfast!

    the preamp makes a huge difference, i want an outboard for my 62ri jazz! :D

    and the overall feel of the sadowsky. on my 4 string uv70, no dead spots... beautiful satin feel on the neck. love it!

    hope you get one soon!!!
  17. hands5


    Jan 15, 2003
    good 'ol USA/Tampa fla.
    After hearing and seeing a local player here in the Tampa Bay with the Sadowsky UV70 5 string a couple of nights ago, I felt that it really didn't have 70-ish type tone going on at all, it still sounded like most other Sads that I've heard-which is a good thing.Very modern and tight tone. The only thing that was 70-ish IMO was the block enlay on the neck which btw didn't not have the radius of the 70's Jazz bass,but nonetheless it still was a well handcrafted instrument that sounded HUGE ! in the mix like most of them (Sadowskys) do.
  18. gruuv


    Jan 23, 2004
    I just posted this in another thread but thought I'd revive this one as well. I'm wondering if the reason the UV70 didn't scratch the 70's itch for you is because Roger uses swamp ash instead of the heavy northern stuff that Fender used in the 70's basses a la Marcus. I've not heard too many people comment on this, but I can definitely hear a significant difference in tone between northern/swamp, heavy/light (whatever you want to call it) ash. I realize pick-up placement does have an impact as well. I love my MS-5 but it isn't quite it for me, I think due to the swamp ash. Comments, cries of outrage?
  19. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    +1 on that. My Celinder is quite heavy, and sounds like a 70's J Bass even when not plugged in.... very strong fundamental and a ton of sizzle on the high end. I've never been able to get that true 70's deal from a lighter bass. I have not tried the UV Sadowsky's but would like to. I've played two MM 5's and was relatively unimpressed with them. I guess the playability was OK for the price point, but that preamp is dog IMO, and the fit and finish was not in the same league as the Sadowsky Metro's or Lakland's that I've played.
  20. hands5


    Jan 15, 2003
    good 'ol USA/Tampa fla.
    I was starting to feel the same as you with my Sadowsky,but after I put a old set of Dean Markley Custom Signature 2000 lights I really started digging it because these strings seem to fattin' up the tone almost to a 70's Jazz bass tone, but you may be on to something there gruuv