SOLD Sadowsky Metroline MV5, Excellent Condition

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I am offering this outstanding condition Sadowsky MV5 (maple board, vintage J, 5-string, ash body) in their '59 Burst finish. I believe I am owner three of this fine instrument having purchased it here on TB in 2015.

    My history with it: I delayed my transition to a 5-string until last year so its been in the case most of the time I've had it. (My regular bass is the Sadowsky Metro MV4.) Finally making the transition, I've played this at church on about 6 occasions so very little wear and use. This bass has made me love playing a 5-string, now, and playability is excellent. So, I just purchased a Sadowsky NYC 5-string and my Metro needs to find a new owner.

    The particulars: The bass weighs 9.2 pounds and one of the pics below is a screen shot of the Metro line specs and pricing on the Sadowsky website. (Note Bullet point three came later and not applicable to this model.) New, sells for $2865. Condition is excellent with normal scuffing on the pick guard and one very small dent on the bottom of the back - too small to photograph (I tried three times). No other scratches, dings, dents.

    The extras: I just put a set of the new Sadowsky flat wound strings on it, model SBF45B ($72). Included is a new set of Sadowsky Bright Nickel SBN45B strings ($33). And a new Sadowsky branded NeoStrap ($40). The Sadowsky branded case is included, also in great condition.

    PICS: Several of the pictures are from the previous owner (they are very good quality) and I've added a couple of my iPhone shots, as well, to show current condition.

    Priced well at $1,975. I work from home and can get this shipped the next day. Please, no trade offers except a Sadowsky Modern (I'd like to try one of those).

    untitled-2082.jpg untitled-2083.jpg untitled-2087.jpg untitled-2090.jpg untitled-2091.jpg untitled-2094.jpg IMG_0276 2.jpg IMG_0280.jpg IMG_0286.jpg MV4 MV5 Specs Prices copy 3.png
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    Aug 12, 2009
    The MV5 is sold.
    I may have a similarly nice MV4 coming to these ads, if anyone is interested.
    My MV4.jpg