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SOLD Sadowsky NYC 5-21 jazz bass, brazilian rosewood

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Fred312b, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. Fred312b

    Fred312b Proof that gear doesn't make you a better player Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Chicago, IL
    United States

    For sale is a 2010 NYC made Sadowsky 5-21 (5 string, 21 frets) bass in excellent condition. This is a wonderful bass, my first Sadowsky, and I get the love for them now. Sounds and plays great, lightweight and balanced, truly a killer axe. But I am determined to thin the herd down, and this is the most recent incoming bass, so it’s up for sale.

    9F1DE6C9-2E55-4471-A4EB-C9D45220E546.jpeg FF1699A8-9306-4EDA-A4FE-E1BD8F1B5B27.jpeg 902D616D-5883-4B7C-8682-382611C648E5.jpeg 1B82F7E9-6BD5-4351-B426-E4C51F072432.jpeg 15915291-AA50-4817-A078-914F2AC72C34.jpeg 5988382D-F939-4B6D-8C42-CEB625751EEC.jpeg CC544593-78C4-4A00-AE41-364BD71BA810.jpeg 61237F23-330C-40BC-8061-878DF7324E85.jpeg 68E9C284-ABEB-425C-8989-D864C213EB9D.jpeg F92D61C0-FC98-42B8-AA04-A2D2889CF562.jpeg 3E82F473-58A6-44E1-A19A-086197D9A180.jpeg 781AEA14-B11A-4CE7-B0E1-C0B23423611A.jpeg C15A6840-40BB-4DC4-9D3A-D0F790C4563B.jpeg DCBAEB5B-0E35-4087-85E6-7147C261A450.jpeg 672A6263-48EF-4408-AF9E-CFC53DD15ED7.jpeg 03408368-9549-49BA-81F8-3E082312041E.jpeg

    - chambered ash body with translucent white finish and black/white/black pickguard
    - maple neck with vintage tint (there is some finish checking on the headstock, but there’s no damage to the wood or anything)
    - 21 fret brazilian rosewood finger board
    - 1.75’ nut width
    - 34” scale
    - single coil Sadowsky pickups
    - Sadowsky electronics with VTC (the pan pot has been wired in the ‘traditional” way, but can be easily switched back to the Sadowsky standard)
    - weighs in at 8lbs, 1.7oz on my postal scale
    - comes with Sadowsky portabag, also in excellent shape

    I’m asking what I paid for it, $3800 shipped to the lower 48. I take PayPal and Zelle, and can probably do other payments as well. I’m on the NW side of Chicago, local deal saves shipping $$$.

    Any questions or want more pics, let me know.
  2. ajwolfcale

    ajwolfcale Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2011
    Very nice!
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