SOLD Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 5, Soapbar Pickups, 2014

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Offering for sale a closet queen 2014 NYC Custom Sadowsky Will Lee model five string with soapbar pickups in the J-bass position.

    The formulation: Ash body, brazilian rosewood fretboard, vintage tinting thin nitro on the neck, and the '59 Burst is gorgeous.

    The numbers: Well balanced at 8.48 pounds; 22-fret, 12" radius, 1.75" nut, 19mm at bridge. Mid-frequency boost selectable 500/800hz frequency and narrow/wide Q. Set at 800hz/wide setting.

    The owners: I am owner two of this like-new super fine musical instrument. Owner one wasn't willing to take it to any gigging venues and I've never had it out of my practice space. Original delivery in-person in NYC; I took delivery in person, so I don't think its ever been shipped.

    The 1-2-3's of gorgeous tone: 1) This is my second ash/rosewood formulated Sadowsky and this tone wood recipe has the special sauce. 2) The soapbars in the J-bass position give the instrument's tone a real heft and are super quiet. Very firm and solid tone with the best B string I've played. 3) The Will Lee circuit is quite useful. I wasn't sure I needed this circuit and the effect, when solo'd, is significant (and easily adjustable). But in the mix, switching it on gives the tone a perfect presence bump that is seamless, musical and cuts. That Will Lee guy and Roger Sadowsky knew what they were doing, apparently. Very adjustable but pretty much set it and forget it.

    I bought this about 5 months ago and have since been surprised to find out that I need to fund a wedding.

    Pricing and Payment: PayPal is great. Priced for no-loss/no-gain at $4,200. Ordered today, this instrument prices out at about $6,450 with fitted case. So, that is about 35% off the new order NYC pricing. Please add $60 shipping to lower 48 states. For Nashville buyers, I can deliver this to you at $3,900.

    Trades: No trades, thank you.









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    Beautiful bass!!
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    Beautiful WL 5 my friend. This bass w/ these specs is on my wish list. You're killing me man!
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    Oh wow. Killer.
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    You're killing me with this bass!!!