Sadowsky pedal preamp/DI

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  1. For sale, lightly used sadowsky pedal DI/preamp.

    It is in amazing shape, only a few months old, and never taken out of the studio. I put velcro on the bottom to put in a pedal board, but ended up going with the Aguilar Tone Hammer instead (I liked the gritty sound), so the Sadowsky is up for sale. I don't know if I have even stepped on the switches more than once or twice, it just sat on top of the amp head.

    Mute and on/off switch, bass/treble/volume control. I don't know that I need to say much else, this is a pretty cool box, but I don't need it since I currently have a DI on my head, plus the tone hammer, plus a nice studio mic pre with DI.

    SOLD $180 SOLD obo shipped CONUS, paypal preferred. Will ship internationally with additional shipping charge.
  2. Updated price, and willing to ship internationally.
  3. Lower price bump!
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