No longer available Sadowsky RSD Metro Express Vintage JJ Unlined Fretless 4 Metallic black w/ VTC & upgrades

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    I bought this on Reverb new from a dealer at the beginning of January, then had it pro setup and VTC installed. It is essentially new w/ warranty - actually much better than new with the setup and additions. Ideally I would keep it as it plays and sounds great but unanticipated expenses force sale.

    05/25/2021 date of manufacture which I believe places it in the third batch and corrects some of the issues that the initial runs had. Warwick Just-a-nut stock from the factory. Gigbag, unactivated warranty card, all tools and original parts included w/ the exception of the string retainer.

    S01.jpg S02.jpg S03.jpg S04.jpg S05.jpg S06.jpg S07.jpg S08.jpg S09.jpg S010.jpg S011.jpg

    SPECS Metro Express Vintage JJ 4 String
    Machine heads: Sadowsky Light Open Gear
    Neck Wood: Maple
    Fretboard: Tigerstripe ebony (unlined fretless)
    FB Radius: 12"
    Scale length: 34"
    Width @ Nut: 38.5 mm / 1.5"
    Frets: Unlined Fretless
    Body Shape: Standard J
    Body Wood: Okume
    Pickups: Passive Sadowsky J (neck & bridge)
    Electronics: Active Sadowsky 2-Way Electronics
    Pot layout: Volume / Pan / Active-Passive push pull & VTC / Treble-Bass stack
    Bridge system: Sadowsky Bridge w/ Quick Release
    Strap system: S-Style Security Locks
    Construction: Bolt-On
    Hardware: Chrome
    Weight: 8 lbs.

    - Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control retrofit kit installed
    - Stock string tree replaced with Hipshot two-string model, screw holes filled
    - Stock proprietary strap buttons replaced with Dunlop dual-design, original pins and strap mates included
    - Electronics cavity fully shielded and 10-year lithium 9V battery installed
    - strung w/ DR Sunbeam soft nickel rounds 45-105

    Photo included of the repair spec sheet & original purchase receipt w/ all details. Regarding the price, do the math on the cost of the parts, setup work, tax, shipping - still a good deal. Im agreeable to some flex on the price based on shipping location and payment method so DM me if interested.

    Price includes CONUS GROUND shipping ONLY.
    No international sales and / or shipping outside the CONUS.

    PayPal: edbocchino (AT) gmail (DOT) com or Venmo: (AT) edbocchino payment accepted.


    DM w/ questions

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    Bump for a great dude. Sweet-looking bass.
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    Nov 13, 2002
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    Bit of a price drop, includes shipping in the CONUS. Getting questions about the build quality, setup and negative feedback from reviews of earlier builds. Any prospective buyer can be confident that this bass plays like butter with NO ISSUES. Concerns regarding fit and finish have been addressed by a skilled luthier. Cavity shielding has eliminated pickup noise and the VTC addition puts the electronics on par with a US Sadowsky model.
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    Sounds killer!!!!
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    Do you have a pic of the side of the neck where the dots are? I'd like to see where the dots are located. At the fret locations (if there were frets, of course), or like a fretted bass, between frets. I have a lined fretless and the lines help me play in tune in a busy mix.
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    They are at the mid point same as the location on a fretted instrument
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    Bro....thank you...thank you....thank you. Seriously....I wish more folks would post current, raw video of how the bass sounds like you did in your ad. Bravo to you good sir! Funky, burpy, slippery and slide-y. This ad deserves it to be spelled out...Good Luck With The Sale!
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    If I didn't already have this style/configuration covered I would be all over this. Sounds great and thanks for that!
    GLWTS !
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