SOLD Sadowsky SA200 free shipping

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Here’s an opportunity for anyone that missed the last one listed on TB. This is number 49 of the first run.
    Amp was professionally inspected and re-tubed by Nashville Amplifier Service. See service description pic attached. Sounds fantastic of course! Will ship double boxed and in the SKB case shown…shipping cost determined by buyer’s location. Only reason I’m selling is due to retiring soon and downsizing to a live aboard boat. :) 22C016C9-2E82-4401-A7E8-BA52179747D5.jpeg

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    5…4…3..2.. :D
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    Pretty sure this was mine once upon a time. Hope you find a buyer!
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  4. Wowowowowowowowowowo wow wow wow! Unobtainium right there.. where is the one chosen to be her new guardian of tone?
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