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For Sale/Trade Sadowsky UV-60LE / Insured & Shipped

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by jasesng, May 18, 2018.

  1. jasesng


    Nov 26, 2007
    Dingwall Guitars (Endorser)
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    IMG_9820.JPG This is a Sadowsky Metro UV60LE sharing the same product line as the UV70. The limited edition offers a nicely-figured Amazon Rosewood fretboard as opposed to the Pau Ferro that is offered now.
    This bass was bought from Japan a few months ago and has been used lightly at home.

    Playability & Sound
    The notes really jump out of this bass & the bass feels very resonant & defined even when played unplugged. The neck contour is a bit deeper compared to a Fender Jazz & the 10” radius is very comfortable. I might prefer it a little more compared to the 12”. Very easy to get a punchy midsy tone while enjoying the clarity that is commonplace with Sadowsky. I haven’t been disappointed by this bass but it needs to go to someone who can use it more often.
    Condition (Pictures Below)
    It's in very good shape aside from a few minor imperfections -
    1. Scratch near where you would rest your forearm.
    2. Dent near the input jack.

    IMG_9827.JPG IMG_9828.JPG

    Weight: 10.14lbs (nicely balanced)

    Full size Jazz Bass body
    (I read that it’s just slightly smaller & has a carve at the treble horn for easier upper-register playing.

    20 fret neck with 10" radius and a Vintage Tint Satin Nitro finish

    Alder Body
    Amazon Rosewood Fretboard & Maple Neck
    Volume / Volume / Tone + 2-Band Preamp
    Two Sadowsky Single Coil pickups in the 60s position

    Comes with the Sadowsky Hybrid Hard Cloth Case.

    Shipping Options
    Shipping is Priority EMS (3-6 working days).
    Price can be lower or higher according to shorter (1-2 working days) or longer (10-14 working days) timings.
    1. With Hybrid Case.
    2. With Neck & Body Separated, very well-packed. May offer a slight discount (USD30-40) based on lighter shipping weight.
    Trade Options
    1. Sadowsky PJ5 (Metro or NYC) with Top-Up

    Thanks for checking this out. Don't hesitate to send a PM if you have any questions.

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