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    And for those who wanted a Sadowsky with a mid boost:

    Custom Will Lee preamp with switchable midrange boost. Frequency selectable at 500 or 800 Hz, wide or narrow bandwidth. Trimpot for adjusting mid boost is accessible on rear control cover.

    Master volume, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC), bass boost, treble boost, midrange boost on/off switch, preamp bypass switch


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    I was really delighted to see a vintage 24 fret 5 string ! :cool: :bassist:
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    Very nice! I hope I get to spend some time with a Will Lee model at NAMM! :cool:
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  5. I'd love to play one.

    I'm not sure I understand w/out seeing an image.

    Good vid. What guitars did RS make for Prince?
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    Could simply be a hold in the plastic cover to allow screwdriver access to the trim pot.
  7. allexcosta


    Apr 7, 2004
    Probably something like this:

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  9. Is it just me, or does the body of Will's new signature bass look smaller than standard?
  10. allexcosta


    Apr 7, 2004
    I noticed it too...
  11. Curbow?
  12. that bass looks good--I want one with the bell cover :)
  13. 1.45" nut width. Woohoo! :)
  14. Wow. Very surprising to hear this. From what I've heard about the Sadowsky approach to EQ, this is a sea change. Any word about what a bass with this preamp might cost?
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    Man, there's never been a point where I said to myself "I really wish my Sadowsky had a mid control". IME/IMO the midrange is there naturally in Roger's basses, and anything else can be added with the amp's EQ. I remember Roger saying that he thought a simple 2band pre would most always sound better than a 3 band, and I've found that to be true for my needs. IMO the EQ on modern bass amps is much more natural sounding and effective than any onboard pre. One of the things I like about Roger's basses is I DON"T need to tweak knobs all night to get different tones. I leave the bass/treble knobs alone and vary the blend and VTC.

    I'm sure if Roger agreed to it that it'll sound awesome. Can't wait to hear feedback.
  17. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
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    what cracked me up, is on the email (i'm on roger's list), it has one of those "As Seen On TV" graphics on the ad!! that was pretty cool!
  18. Man, those pinstripe buttons are so late 90's :(

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    Just looking in the Online Store and you can now buy the sadowsky knobs online too. :)

    This bass looks great, but agree...there really is no need for a mid boost on the sadowsky basses. They sound great with just the 2-band...IMO.
  20. DougD

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    Matching head stock Woot:)