Safe strings for a Harmony H22

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by TheDialog, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. TheDialog

    TheDialog Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2008
    What strings are safe to put on the H22 without messing anything up?
  2. TheDialog

    TheDialog Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2008
  3. DavyR


    May 29, 2011
    The H22 takes LONG scale strings yet the bass has a SHORT scale neck. Anytime one changes the strings on any bass things can happen due to differences in string tensions. Anything with medium to light tension should work. Being an old bass adds another variable. I'd stay with sets that have a 100, or better yet, a 95, on the 'E' string, and, no Pyramid flats, IMO.
  4. Cutty


    Jun 25, 2006
    I used to use Rotosound swing bass on mine,back in the day,i bought it for £17 with a crack on the back of the body,it never got worse and i used it for many gigs and recordings,wish i still had it!:crying:
  5. DavyR


    May 29, 2011
    IMO, the H22 is a cool retro bass but not great. It was a cheap starter bass back in the day. I'll probably sell mine down the road as I thin the herd. It has a very deep fat low end that's a bit unique which is probably why some players like them and use them for certain sounds. It's not a practical all-around bass. The crappy little 'guitar' tuners are usually replaced. My 1966 is all original and in great shape with what appears to be the original strings. The strings are as dead as can be. I'm afraid to remove them! Ha! I found it in a small town music store in SW PA a few years ago for $400 with no case. (Visiting the town was like traveling back in time. I was putting nickles and dimes in the parking meter! Ha!) It was hanging on the back wall in the dark corner of the store all by itself. Must have been a closet dweller. The super cool store owner knew what he had but said that he couldn't see asking $900 for it. Let's hear it for small town music stores!
  6. atomicdog


    Jun 18, 2011
    I played an original H22 in a funky used guitar store today. It was kinda rough shape; it had a bad short. The guy wanted $600, which seems overpriced. Great neck though and even acoustically it sounded great.
  7. One Drop

    One Drop

    Oct 10, 2004
    Swiss Alps
    I have light guage Chromes on mine and they are sweet sounding, the extra high mids come through great as the PUPs are surprisingly wide range and bright.

    Be aware that the rosewood saddle notches are very narrow.
  8. Robal


    Oct 26, 2003
    Los Angeles
    I recently put Thomastik flat wounds, with .100 E, on my 1965 H22 and they sound and feel very good. I haven't had them on long enough to decide if I prefer them to the black tape would LaBellas that were on it before, but I like the feel of the Thomastik a bit more.
  9. iiipopes


    May 4, 2009
    If you want some growl to go along with the vintage feel, Fender 9050CL set will work: 45-60-80-105. As set forth above, the H22 has a short scale neck, but the string anchor is at the bottom of the body, so they take long scale strings. This reduces the tension on whatever set is used, so just about any conventional 45-105 set will work well.