Salem Poor

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    Recognize the name? I didn't, and learned about him on accident today.
    So here is how I was thinking this will work...
    I am going to share one thing I learned about Mr. Poor today. Just one.
    Your duty, if you so wish to participate, will be to find out something else about Mr. Poor that is different from what I found out. The person after you will do the same.
    Let's see how much our collective wisdom and searching power can accomplish.
    When we feel like we maxed out Mr. Poor, someone can start a new thread with another woman or man as the subject.

    My fact on Salem: 14 different military officers signed a petition confirming the acts of valor displayed by Mr. Poor in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

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    Poor Street in Andover, MA is named after him.
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    Mr. Poor was honored with a stamp during the US's bicentennial celebrations.
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    In 1780, he married his second wife, Mary Twing, a free African American. The couple moved to Providence; however, they were ordered to leave that city, presumably because they could not support themselves.[6] In 1785, he placed an advertisement in the Boston Gazette to disown Mary's debts and "forewarn all Persons from trusting MARY, the Wife of the Subscriber".[6

    I like this guy.
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    The citation of heroism for Salem Poor read, in part:
    "The Reward due to so great and Distinguished a Character. The Subscribers beg leave to Report to your Honorable. House (Which We do in justice to the Character of so Brave a man) that under Our Own observation, we declare that A Negro Man Called Salem Poor of Col. Fryes Regiment, Capt. Ames. Company in the late Battle of Charleston, behaved like an Experienced Officer, as Well as an Excellent Soldier, to Set forth Particulars of his Conduct would be Tedious, We Would Only beg leave to say in the Person of this Negro Centers a Brave & gallant Soldier."
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    Salem Poor was a slave owned by John Poor. Many New England families treated their slaves as live-in servants and near family members, and Salem Poor purchased his freedom in 1769 for 27 pounds (a fairly large sum at that time).
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    No kidding, Poor St., Andover, us just a stone's throw from my house. In this whole wide world, it's sort of amazing that a random post on a chat forum could hit, literally, so close to home.