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Salomon and The Immigrants - Jazz Trio's first Live. Please listen and comment!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by CLOWNDEACAN, Mar 1, 2008.



    Jan 13, 2007
    Featuring Tenor Sax, Bass (moi!) and Drums at my High School Coffee House night. Recorded on a digital recorder by one of my friends in the audience

    We play Autumn Leaves, Bouncing with Bud and St Thomas.


    We've been playing together for a year and a half, once a week during the school term. I actually picked up bass for an earlier incarnation of this band, and i think i'm quite correct in saying that individually and as a group, we've progressed far (though i guess its hard for you guys to qualify :p).

    Autumn Leaves is one of my earlier written lines, and i wrote the one for Bouncing With Bud recently. The St. Thomas line was found some version i found on the internet. And yes, written... im not good enough to read chords and be able to play with good flow and accuracy yet, my mind and knowledge of my bass note-wise isnt that far yet.

    This is my first band, and I quite enjoy playing in it. I hope you enjoy listening ^^

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