No longer available Samick AB2 Regency Acoustic Bass FT: Looper Pedal or GK Neo Cabs

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    Oct 31, 2014
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    Samick AB2 - Natural 4-string Regency Acoustic Bass designed by Greg Bennett for local sale. I have no case so shipping not available. Fun instrument to have laying around the house to just pick up and play. Good condition. Action is high but strung with light gauge Sunbeams, it plays well enough for me. Truss turns but is pretty tight, it seemed more like an issue with the bridge design, no saddles to lower like an electric and I never bothered to take it in for service as it's just a practice bass in my house. Electrics work fine as well. Stock pic up but will get some together soon. Pickup/meetup in Central Jersey preferred. Priced to sell or I'd trade for a looper pedal or GK Neo Cabs and I'll add cash.

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