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samick bass's

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wasteofo2, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. hi, i was wondering if anyone here has played or owns a samick bass. i own a samick guitar and the construction is extrordinary adn the electronics are actually quite decent as well. review's I've read on samick bass's say pretty much the same thing, that they play very well adn are very sturdy adn well built, but the electronics arent what they could be. the models I'm specifically interested in are their fairlane(jazz copy) and corsair(percision copy)

    thanks for any and all information
  2. I've got a bright yello corsair, its about a year old or so. I've found that the Samick plays as well if not better than the fenders and in most cases where i am, the samick costs less, the construction is very solid, i play punk and ska music so i abuse anything i play a little bit and this bass has stood up very well, most of the electronics are very good, volume and tone work quite well, the only thing i'm not impressed with are the factory pickups, they buzz a little bit on the low end, but it's nothing to noticable. The factory strings aren't very good, like most factory strings. Other than that i've been very happy with the Samick.
  3. yeah, that seems to be the general impression i get from anyone who plays a recent samick (including my personal experience) that they play fantastically and the construcction is great but the electronics aren't the best (not meaning the break but like, low quality pickups, pots and caps or whatnot)
    the older samicks it seems get horrible reviews, but their newer models all seem to be very good

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