SOLD Samick Greg Bennett, AG-11 CE Acoustic Electric Bass w/OHSC

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    Beautiful Samick Greg Bennett AG-11CE/AM Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar. Quilted Maple Top, Back, and Sides. Sweet looking Florentine cutaway with Ivory body binding. Beautiful Abalone inlay work around the soundhole. Maple neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, Abalone inlays, Rosewood bridge, Schaller style chrome tuning machines, and Fishman preamp. Comes with an very, very good conditioned Hardshell Samick Case. The case interior is clean, no mold, no crud, no awful smells and with keys. Sleek profile body - 16" Lower bout. 11" Upper bout, body depth is a thin 3". There are no interior body rattling or cracks.

    The bass is very clean, minimal markings. The fingerboard has been well maintained. The frets are in better than excellent shape. It is strung with low tension, D'Addario Black Nylon Tapewound strings. The truss rod is in great working order. However, the action and set up is really good at current.

    The Bad: The top had some humidity or dryness issues when I got it 2 years ago (I am the 2nd owner). There is a pucker in the lower bowl behind the bridge. I have always kept the bass properly humidified since I purchased it. The bridge is in great shape and has never lifted or caused any issues.

    The Fishman Classic 4 preamp sounds pretty decent. It features Bass, Middle, Treble, Brilliance and Volume controls. The input jack is solid and has no loose, shorting out issues. Over the past few months I have noticed the battery light is not going out once the bass is unplugged. The bass works EXCELLENT with a fresh battery and into an amp or through a DI for a sound system. I have checked all of the battery box and other connective wiring. Nothing is loose or out of place. To preserve the battery, I have been removing it from the bass before storing it back in its case.

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