Samson Airline-review

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  1. Somebody asked me to post a review of the samson airline.

    I just tried out the samson airline for bass this weekend at two gigs with huge stages and other wirelesses around and I'll say I am impressed. Honestly the only thing that you really loose is some of the B string. It looses that kick drum sound when your really thumping. But it can be fixed with eq. Please note that my band does tune down to 432hz but I don't think this would make any difference. The shaping feature on it sucks. I think it makes me sound like i'm using a pick. They really should have a rack mountable option.

    All in all a+. very affordable and reliable.
  2. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    yep, the give the "shape" function a miss.....

    I found that mine cuts some trebble when I'm slapping, specifically at about 4k and most notably on the "pop". Did you notice that? I usually fix it with EQ or turning up the horn.

    Overall I like my Airline.......
  3. exactly!!!! I think they really should have fixed some of the problems with it. They shoud get rid of the shape and make the whole thing designed to be in a rack. I love it to death. I can't believe how much freedom you get. I'm used to tripping over cable multiple times a night but not anymore.