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Samson S Com Compressor

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by avast_bass, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Not sure if compressor questions should go in here, as they arent always used as an effect, but I couldnt work out where else to put it since its for live use.

    Is the Samson S Com compressor a suitable compressor for simply protecting my equipment from peaks. When using compressors i tend to run them with a large amount of headroom so they dont kick in until dangerously loud peaks (for example, problems with leads creating huge amounts of hum/feedback). Therefore, the actual compressed sound of the bass doesn't matter to me as much.

    After looking around I have been looking at this and a dbx unit as options, however the dbx runs only with XLR ins/outs. I dont have much too spend, but want a compressor suitable for protecting against peaks but versatile enough to be able to get away with using it as a recording compressor if need be.

    Which other options are there around the same price range? I live in the UK.
  2. Finger Blister

    Finger Blister

    Jul 8, 2003
    When I was looking for a rack-mount stereo compressor
    with Gate & Peak Limiting (same price range)
    the choices where:
    Nady CL
    Samson S*Com Plus
    Rolls RP252
    Behringer MDX 2***

    For my uses (since I already have a BBE enhancer)
    Behringer MDX 2200 has been working fine for a long time.

    The S*Com Plus had a good review from "Sound On Sound"
    magazine, a recording publication--

  3. I avoid behringer at all costs after terrible experience with their Customer service dept., reliability and quality of their products is also poor.

    I have been using mid/high end compressors for a few years now in a recording environment (studying audio engineering), but simply dont know much about cheapo units. If i had the cash i would take one of the drawmer compressors, or a Urei, but sadly the money isnt there.

    I dont want to buy a cheap unit but its really my only option at the moment. I just hope it doesnt kill the tone from my brand new USA jazz too much.
  4. an update coming up for 2 years later.

    I bought the Samson and used it a few times. It ruined my tone and response, and I got rid of it again.