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San Francisco Bassists!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by jazzbo, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Lately, I've noticed more and more bassists from San Francisco popping up. This is good news. Before it seemed like it was just me and Blackbird, who left us. True, SF has lost some of the old energy it had even pre-dotcom, but I still love the city, and I think we're heading back to our state of prominence.

    So, all you SFers, tell me something about yourself.

    1. Where would people most likely to run into you?
    2. Any current bands playing the city?
    3. What style of music are you playing?
    4. What district do you live in?

    Sure, this all sounds kind of lame, but truth be told, so am I.

    My answers:

    1. Lots of places. The pandhandle playing basketball on Monday and Thursday early afternoons, Amoeba, Fly, The Cinch, (sure it's a gay bar, but it's close to work), El Toro, Shangrila, Millennium, Kan Zaman smoking a hookah, Noe Valley Music, Ocean Ave 24 Hour Fitness, Ocean Beach, and much more.

    2. Jazz 5-tet. Nameless and gigless.

    3. Jazz. Jazz. Jazz.

    4. Outer Sunset.
  2. vbass


    May 7, 2004
    Bay Area, CA
    I live in the North Bay, does that count?
  3. There is a North Bay in San Fran? :eyebrow:
  4. sure it counts V.

    1-i live and work downtown. if you really want to find me, go to the art galleries first thursday of every month.

    2-i'm not in a band right now. i need to cut back on the amount of time i'm working first.

    3-i don't know. lots of jumpiness. kinda dyslexic sounding, with some attention deficit thrown in.

    4-right next to the gates to chinatown.

    i think there should be a get together soon.
  5. heh.
    look at a map of the SF bay area, stuff north of the city is north bay, east side of the bay is east bay, south of the penninsula is south bay.

  6. Ahh i see!

    I thought it was like a smaller town or community in the surrounding area of SF.

    Like here there is the town of Callendar and Sturgeon Falls around the city of North Bay.
    So i thought it was similar...(town of North Bay around SF city)
    I thought it would be interesting to see 2 cities named North Bay
  7. vbass


    May 7, 2004
    Bay Area, CA
    Well, it's not technically called the north bay, but that's about the only way for people around here to understand what you're talking about, especially if you live in a smaller city that some people may not have heard of. It's actually probably more accurately referred to as the SF bay area, with north, south and the east bay being a good way to communicate where you're at within the greater area.

    So anywayz, sweet, here are my answers:
    1. About the only time you'll find me in the city these days is hitting up one of the many bars downtown. My friend just introduced me to Kan Zaman, funny you mentioned it! At least I think that is what it was called, that's the place on haight right? That is crazy fun....
    2. My band: Nailed In. We're just starting to play out but should be hitting a few places in the city soon, the pound, etc.
    3. Original heavy metal (thrash/hardcore mix)
    4. N/A. I just moved up to Santa Rosa, work in Petaluma.

    Anyone heading up north next weekend should check out my band's first show at the Phoenix Theater (petaluma). I'll buy you a drink!
  8. i hate the phoenix.
    break a leg!

    V, do you know a punk named jim... about 25 years old, married to a little blonde girl? old friend in SR i lost contact with.
  9. vbass


    May 7, 2004
    Bay Area, CA
    Haha, yeah, the phoenix isn't the greatest, but it's one of the few venues up here that are all ages.
    I know a few punks named Jim but I don't think any of them are married to a little blonde girl. I'll keep my eye out though. ;)
  10. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    Here I am.

    1. Where would people most likely to run into you?

    Amoeba Records (I'm in there once a week), Toronado Bar, Balazo Taqueria, roaming around Golden Gate park and Haight Street

    2. Any current bands playing the city?

    Not yet. I'm still trying to find people who like playing pretentious prog rock.

    3. What style of music are you playing?

    Pretentious, arrogant, holier than thou prog/metal/ambient stuff.

    4. What district do you live in?
    I live in the Haight, 5 doors down from Hobson's Choice Bar. If any of you cats are in the area, just ring the doorbell at 648 Clayton St. I'll be happy to share a beer with you and let you play a bass or two (offer void if you are 3 crotch grabs).
  11. A lot of punk bands come from the east bay.
  12. that's how i feel about hayward.
    i used to live off A street.
  13. kserg


    Feb 20, 2004
    London, UK
    That you are my friend! that you are and we love you for it:p

    San Jose area myself... acctually alot of good local bands around here which i find weird... cuz when i think san jose i think good bands:/

    SF is weird... like it grows on you like a fungas... i havent been there for like year and kinda disliked it i geuss... now after like month of going there once a week it grew back... and i love it:p come to think of it... sounds like herpies:/

    and yes... coming from a person who is not from east bay or SF... i pick SF over hayward anyday:] even with all the homeless people:]

    and yes... this is going to be my signuture... aperently i dont like girls... god i am depressed:((((

  14. 1. Hmmm, well, I don't go to that many shows anymore. I used to go to Bruno's on Mission a lot. Bottom of the Hill occasionally for Sleepytime Gorilla Museum shows.

    I do have a rehearsal/makeshift-recording studio at Hunter's Point Shipyard so you might see me on my way there or back on 80/101 a few days a week. :D

    2. I have 2 bands that I'm in now but we're not gigging yet. I don't even care that much about gigging anymore. Not while I have a pretty cool studio where we can jam and record any time we want. To pack up my gear and haul it to some bar just to play 45 minutes is not appealing to me anymore. If I'm going to do a gig somewhere, I want to play all night.

    3. I have two bands but they are somewhat similar since they both have me (obviously) and the drummer in common. One of them is more jazz/funk/rock/fusion-ish with a hint of baroque (the guitarist and I are both Bach fanatics). The other is a little more psychotic/improvised/circus-funk. The guitarist in that band was in the Bay Area band Idiot Flesh. I never saw them but they're recordings are great. The lead singer/guitarist and bassist of Idiot Flesh later formed Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

    4. I live in Richmond. Not the Richmond district but the city across the bay north of El Cerrito and Berkeley.

    Blackbird and Benjamin Strange have been at my place buying gear. :D

    Here's my SF studio:


    We can do 16-track digital direct to a PC. I don't have any pics of the rest of the room since it wasn't very clean. I just cleaned up the part with my bass rig.

    - Dave
  15. I work in Berkeley so SF almost seems normal to me. :D (of course, I don't make it down to Haight St. much)

    - Dave
  16. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
  17. we really should figure out a get together. we can all take turns punching benjamin in the head! come on, it'll be fun!!!

  18. A good band from San Jose is My New Life. Extremely poppy, but next time they have a show there you should see them.

    sorry for straying off topic
  19. We can do that sometime. I have a DVD player on my computer there, we can watch some Bass vids, listen to some music and drink some cold ones.

    - Dave