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San Francisco GIGSPAM! See the Warr! (again)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Benjamin Strange, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    Yes, my band Meru is playing again tonight. Since none of you came out last time, the invite is still open to come view my Warr and my crappy playing skills.

    We are playing at the Toungue and Groove on Van Ness & Union Valentines Day. It's not just a musical show: there is a fashion show going on as well. This will be a great place for you single bass players to mingle with hot models on Valentine's Day!

    Doors are at 8, cover is $5.

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