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Sandberg Bullet or Basic Ken Taylor?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sublab, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. So I'm torn between two Sandberg basses: the Bullet Tm 4 in cherryburst and the Basic Ken Taylor 4 in matt finish. The Basic ken Taylor has 2 humbuckers, but also a bodyshape I'm not that in love with. The Bullet however looks killer and that upper horn, oh my! I asked Musik Schmidt in Germany to make me an offer on a Bullet with twin humbuckers. I've played Sandbergs and their quality is simply great, but I wondered if anyone here has had the chance to play and experience either of the above basses?

  2. RBetoGT


    Jun 12, 2011
    I played yesterday a bunch of basses in the music stores in my city, I am actually looking for a new bass, and played with several fender-P's. jazz's, yamahas with sopabars, humbuckers, etc etc....

    until the guy in the last store told me to wait a second, then he came with this beautiful brown "tobacco" bass, i thought, "wow, he found a warwick" i was completely wrong...

    then i saw the 4 silver dots.. and we plugged into a fender 150 combo "flat" equalized....

    that has been one of the sweetest and low or bass fullest basses that I have played...

    it was a bullet, with soapbars, I didn't check serial numbers or so, I was just trying to listen to her, aand record every sound and the feeling of that bass, I tried some 5 strings before, and my "try song" didn't play so well, as long as I tried the sandberg..... every note played so fully and beautifully,,,,,,

    it was a show exemplar, and they were asking 799€, which is out of my range now, but I am thinking about going back there and ask to pay in 3 payments haha, what do you think of this bass for that price? is that OK?
    the bass has some strange "marks" on the neck, in the area of the neck that looks towards you. but it sounded really good, I am going later today and asking about some 3 or 4 payments hehe

    let's see how it goes....

    I then tried to play again with the yamaha's and ibanez.... nothing sounded as "bass-fully" and sweet and present....

    ah! interesting thing, as I was exactly playing with that bass, an old guy came and asked for a yamaha from the wall, and started to play so awfully, "as if he could slap" just to turn heads over..... why does people do that?

    so I came to the store again, and spoke with the salesman, nice guy, and we thought about a plan of 400 as 1st payment and then 150+150+100.... I thought it was ok, but then the boss came and said NO! hahahahah

    then I can "reserve" the bass for 200-400 and then, when I have the money to sum up 600€ I can take the bass home....

    so, I will tel them to GTFO, and they wanted to put it on ebay on "buy now" and if they put it on there, I will be fast and pay with my credit card and have it, I think.. i hope :D

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