TRADED Sandberg California TM4 (Price Drop+Free Shipping)

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    Up for sale or trade is a killer German made 2013 Sandberg California TM4

    The bass is in very good playing shape with a straight neck, low action, solid intonation, and a fresh set of DR Pure Blue ML strings.

    Features a Sunburst finish on an Alder body with a bolt on Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. Delano pickups and a 9v Glockenklang 2 band Preamp allow you to dial in tons of tonal options. The bridge humbucker is set up to allow you to switch from humbucker to single coil with the flip of a mini toggle. There is also a push/pull toggle that lets you run the bass in passive mode if you prefer.

    Shows signs of age and wear with scratching and dings on the body. There is one larger ding near the input jack that has some paint chipping off. I also just noticed that the bridge saddles for the D and G string are missing the screw which locks the string spacing. I have never noticed this previously because the strings spacing has never been moved by just playing. Also, the blend pot was also recently cleaned and serviced because it was a bit crackly and cutting out after it had sat in its case for a while. I ordered a new blend pot, but I haven't needed to swap it out because I haven't had any crackling or issues since it was serviced. I'll include the replacement blend pot just in case. None of these minor issues have any affect on playability.

    My price includes shipping to Con US only

    Feel free to make me an offer

    9.15 lbs. on the bathroom scale

    Trade value slightly higher

    Looking to trade for a 4 or 5 string, and maybe even a quality 6 string guitar. I'm into brands like EBMM, Warwick, Lakland, Fender, G&L or anything that catches my eye. I'm willing to take in/add cash for the right trade. Let me know what you have.

    Local deals preferred

    IMG_2574.jpg IMG_2558.jpg IMG_2580.jpg IMG_2555.jpg IMG_2559.jpg IMG_2560.jpg IMG_2579.jpg IMG_2576.jpg IMG_2572.jpg IMG_2577.jpg
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    And interest in a G&l sb-2?
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    How many frets? I have a g&l 2000 fretless
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    Mar 14, 2017
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    22 Frets. Sent you a PM
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    Pm’d you
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