SOLD Sandberg California VM-4 2009 Aged/Relic

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    May 23, 2003
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    I recently bought this bass to compliment my Sandberg Oliver Riedel VM-4, this one having a completely opposite look with a maple neck. While I do love the looks, as well as how it plays and the tone, the Riedel bass gives me everything I want and then some. So, sadly, I can't justify keeping this VM-4. No issues whatsoever, plays and sounds excellent. Comes with non-original hard case. $1675 shipped CONUS. PayPal and personal check accepted. Please pm me with any questions. 20210711_184757.jpg 20210711_184846.jpg 20210711_185149.jpg 20210711_185305.jpg 20210711_185356.jpg 20210711_185030.jpg 20210711_184202.jpg 20210711_184345.jpg 20210711_184444.jpg 20210711_184542.jpg 20210711_184633.jpg 20210711_184941.jpg
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