No longer available Sandberg Forty Eight - Price Drop This Weekend Only! - $1350

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    Jul 10, 2017
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    North Dakota
    Sandberg Forty Eight

    Black high gloss finish with cream stripes. Rosewood fretboard, no fret markers. 2 Band active EQ with active/passive switch.

    This bass is in good condition and plays excellent. Includes the Sandberg gig bag made for the Forty Eight.

    There are a few dings and scratches, I tried to picture all of them. There’s also a small finish crack at the neck pocket. Very minimal fret wear.

    Weight: 8lb 12oz
    Nut width: 1.5”

    $1350 shipped CONUS today and tomorrow only!

    Would accept partial trades but I need some cash coming my way in a trade.

    C5482DFE-4A85-44D9-9C9F-13C07182FC99.jpeg BEE97DAE-29D3-4437-A3BC-A332B62F0571.jpeg D84AC8C6-F6E5-49BC-A159-C0CCB34E8168.jpeg DB720400-4F21-4224-9DD5-B726C070F875.jpeg F09A088A-051C-488B-8817-A06EC16BA891.jpeg FAA99B58-A963-448E-B2B1-09FC8F29D24D.jpeg 47CDF5F3-5757-4CE7-9F99-34A243A43ED2.jpeg 7BEF1F22-3F85-4E07-949D-6AB2C0756481.jpeg AEECA797-34A6-49BB-A941-20F58F2A695F.jpeg FE72AF1B-15A9-4CC0-86B2-629E63368B82.jpeg E5525B3B-A742-4400-8D6F-EE26AB7A09D0.jpeg 96682B43-768A-4D85-9421-3472FA53885B.jpeg
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    Apr 17, 2020
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    ooooooohh. I've always wanted one of those! That's a nice one!
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  5. Droooool. GLWTS!
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    Mar 29, 2019
    The black and creme is soooooo classy and gorgeous....
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