Sandpaper grit?

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  1. I'm going to sand this down to either repaint or to create the "road worn" effect. A little at a time as a side project. There are finish issues that you can't see in this picture. What grit sandpaper should I use since I'm not trying to power it off quickly? I may stop somewhere between the present condition and totally down to the wood. Either way I'll probably leave the back as it is. Its a $40.00 yard sale bass with an incredibly solid neck. It will be a great backup bass. I'm putting EMG Geezer Butler PU's on it. And adding a pick guard. IMG_6650.jpeg
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    I'd say either sand the finish all the way off, or don't. Half sanding it isn't going to look good, especially on the sunburst areas.

    To take it completely off, start with 120. On a firm block, straight line strokes, light pressure. Let the 120 score and peel the bulk of the paint. When you start hitting wood, switch to 220 to get the remainder of the paint off. Again, long straight strokes with the grain, fairly light pressure. Use a bristle brush to clean the dust off the paper every few strokes.

    220 grit level is a good base for full gloss finishes. Go up to 400 for an "oil" type finish.
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  3. Many thanks! This is just the info I needed.