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SansAmp Comptortion for distortion and drive??

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by odie, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    Looking for a pedal to and a little kick to some of the songs my band does.

    Looking for something that can get the RATM drive sound and also get a little of the Orgy/NIN all out sound.

    Thought about the SansAmp BDDI but the sound was ok, kinda over the top. I have no access to the M-80.

    If your wondering I play thru an Eden Wt-400 and 4-10 XLT with a Modulus.

    Thanx all!
  2. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    I think you might like the TRI -AC better, extremely versatile. Warm to full on chainsaw to tight metal sounds are no problem.
  3. I just picked up a comptortion off ebay, havn;t used it too much. quick review:

    Compressor gets really extreme, great on lower settings.

    Distortion - starts totally clean and then slowly works up to high gain. In conjunction with the compressor, it works *great* for adding that "slighty gritty" just breaking up sound, for either guitar or bass. better than the SABBDI, at least my unit, which splutters more at the 'just clipping threshold".
    So if you are trying to get that "hint of crunch" bass sound then this is a good pedal for it I think, but it won't give you 'tube fat' though (see below).

    The BDDI's overdrive is slighty different that the tortions.

    On full gain, the distortion is not as good as the Tech 21 XXL pedal, but seemed to sound pretty good - seemed to be more of an overdrive type sound rather than buzzsaw squarewave distortion.

    Tone: a low pass kind of useless knob. Leave at 100%.

    Level: clean boost. With the compressor and Level turned up, can overdrive the SABBDI to higher gain level.

    SABBDI is very 'fat' (I always leave it on), and I will be running comptortion into this. Comptortion is not 'fat' in the same way.

    With the comportion and BDDI I can get various high quality warm/crunchy bass and guitar sounds onto Hard Drive very easily.
    Would put it in the "slighty boring but subtle and very useful" pedal category.
  4. Waking up an old, old thread here....

    I just received this pedal off Ebay two weeks ago, and it does exactly what the guy above me said...I own a Tech 21 BDDI, and a Boss ODB also....I've used Ibanez's PD7, and I've also used Digitech's Bass Driver....

    ...and none of these pedals have come anywhere near the breakup sound of my Mesa Bass 400, which I am quite fond of..
    .......except for the Comptortion(the BDDI sounded nice too...just not the same).

    I needed something to use on my Hartke that resides in our practice space(sounds too sterile by itself), and this definately fills the bill...not quite the Mesa, but it's the closest Ive come yet...and I'm quite happy with the tone

    After reading on here, and harmony-central(trying to find a lone bassist's review in guitar pedals is a b*tch!), it was between the Comptortion, and a DOD 250... I went with the Comptortion without hearing either, because it had compression, and figured it would come in handy to help the distortion get a nice, subtle crunch....(after all, tubes naturally compress the signal a bit..)

    Also, the tone control is passive, which sounds good to me....

    No boasting here, but maybe it will help other bassists to find this tone, which is not as easy to get as say, a full-on fuzz....:D :D

    BTW, my settings are: Level = matched to amp, Tone = full, Tortion(dist) = almost at "0", Comp(compression) 1/3 up... + 1 Rick = gritty grind....

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