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Sansamp GT2,Digitech XP100, Fuzz God II

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by kulit17, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. kulit17

    kulit17 Wal Collector #35 Supporting Member

    Got these pedals for sale:

    Red Witch Fuzz God II: $180 shipped
    Its in like new condition and includes baggie, box, and lit. Used it a couple times playing some things on guitar, but that's about it. On bass, i had tried it out a couple times, but it seems to lose a good amount of low end compared to other dedicated bass fuzz pedals. Awesome for guitar though with cool options.




    Digitech XP100: $85 Shipped
    I've been primarily using my Eventide pitchfactor. Was letting my guitarist use this but its not really his cup of tea. Has minimal wear on the pedal and expression pedal moves well. Tracks pretty decent for bass, but some settings sound better then others. (good of amount of thread discussion about this in the effects forum). Has harmony 5th up and 1 up. Includes power adapter.

    Digitech BP80: $40 Shipped
    Picture of unit is shown above. Does not include adapter. Uses 6 AA batteries.
    Don't think Digitech makes this particular multi-effects pedal anymore. Its basically a modeling processor pedal that has 11 amps models, 5 stompbox models, an expression pedal for real-time control. It also includes 19 Studio quality effects including a fretless simulator. You can amazingly get pretty decent sounds out of this especially with some of the built in presets. However its, not really my thing and i've been using it to plug headphones into and play quietly, but i now got a different setup to do that now.




    [del]Tech 21 Sansamp GT2: $90 shipped[/del] SOLD!!!!
    Really cool pedal! Got it new and used literally LESS than a handful of times since I was given one. Its in mint, like new condition. I was using it as a back up, but now need to clean out my parts bin drawer.

  2. kulit17

    kulit17 Wal Collector #35 Supporting Member

    GT2 SOLD!!!!
  3. kulit17

    kulit17 Wal Collector #35 Supporting Member

    Up she goes! i think i might be interested in a MXR or Source Audio BEF for trades.

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