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SansAmp or Zoom with a Hartke KB12?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Greywoulf, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. This is probably a silly question, but what the hell...

    Does anyone use a SansAmp with a Hartke Kickback12 120W combo amp? I see where they're used a lot with other Hartke heads (like the 4000 for instance), so I was wondering if one would also work well with the KB12's HA1200 head?
    (And if you do use one, how is it used best; do you have to turn off the HA1200's 'shape' control and set the eq's all to flat?)

    Am also wondering the same thing about the Zoom 506II Bass processor?

    What I'm trying to do is temporarily avoid buying an expensive tube amp (until I get more $$$!) by maybe getting something in a tube amp modeling thing that might warm up the HA1200's sound a little more...?

    Isit possible?

    Greywoulf :0)
  2. Yeah dude, I have been having the same problem. (same amp and everything). I suggest buying the Sansamp and trying it anyway. Peace out. :bassist:
  3. Hey Nick, how are the dawgs in Georgia? Got a Beagle here in NJ who's a laugh a minnit... :)
    So you want me to buy the Sansamp first and try it out on the KB12, eh? Hmmmm....

    Been in Georgia... Mostly like it... Love Savannah, but Atlanta, nah! (Too much like a 'little NYC' for me.)

  4. Dawgs are rockin (I think). BTW I live in Athens (UGA and all). I plan to do the same thing. All these cats I ask keep saying to buy the Sansamp. One word of advice: Don't use it only as an overdrive pedal to the amp. I've been told it isn't a good idea. I plan to make it run to the Hartke as a monitor and then go straight to the PA as a DI. Hopefully it will sound good but I can't think of why it wouldn't. Oh well, tell me how yours works when you get it or if you get it.

  5. Also have a beagle. Crazy little muts. I think mine is a little slower than most though. He isn't the brightest little thing but he's a good dog nonetheless.
  6. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Yeah, I think all beagles are nuts.... But I love 'em just the same! I don't think there's another kind of dog that's as stubborn or as arrogant or as devious as a beagle, but then also there's not another kind of dog that will 'talk' to you the way they do either... Big Momma Thorton (and then Presley) had it right about hound-dogs "cryin' alla time." :p

    Hey, as far as effects go, I see where Hartke is coming out with an "Attack Pedal" that appears to be a SansAmp knock-off for around $100. It has a shape control on it (which us KB12 users prolly won't need,) but it also sports a 'harmonics' control that is claimed to make your Hartke amp sound like a tuber... Now THAT might be an interesting and less expensive way to go..!
    Why don't you buy one and try it out and let me know? :D

    (Actually, if you get it from a big music chain like Guitar Center or Sam Ash, one can return it in 30 days if you don't dig it...)

    Greywoulf :)
  7. Deepkick


    Feb 2, 2004
    New Zealand
    I don't know much about Hartke combo's, however I am in the same situation as you. I currently have an expensive Mesa/Boogie Buster 200 2x10 tube combo in the shop, which I have on lay-by (ie paying off in installments).

    Meantime i'm using P-Bass ==> Sansamp BDDI ==> Fender BRX 100 1x15 combo (plugged into the Power Amp input [also known known as the "effects return" socket on other amps], thereby bypassing the crappy BXR preamp).

    With this setup I can dial up a good variety of great tubey tones, which band mates often compliment. In fact it sounds so good, that I often wonder if I really need a really expensive (and heavy) Mesa combo.

    I read that some TB'ers have a Sansamp in their signal chain WITH tube amps! So in your situation, I have no doubt a BDDI will warm your Hartke sound up some.

    If you want a nice tubey sound without the expense (or weight), then you'll appreciate a BDDI going into your Hartke, especially if you can bypass the combo's pre-amp, ie use "Effects return". As far as setting EQ flat etc (ie if you cant bypass the combo's onboard pre-amp) I can't comment on, as I havent tried that, however I have read other TB'er comments that do this in their setups, with positive results.

    Another plus with having a Sansamp BDDI is that once you do get that expensive tube amp, the stomp box sized BDDI can be tucked away in your gig bag, as a backup 'tube sounding' amp/DI.


  8. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Okay, DK. That's good to know. Maybe I too don't need to get the expensive (and heavy) Mesa Boogie stuff to get the sound I'm looking for...? Can't use an effects return on the Hartke KB12 tho, cause it doesn't have any *#@%#* effects loop! (A real drawback!) However I could try a Sansamp right in-line between my bass and the amp's input, I guess.. And I also have an SWR Wkmn's 10 (that I dislike the sound of) but at least it has an effects loop.
    Thanks DK,

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