Sansamp RBI

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  1. bassofbob


    Sep 15, 2007
    reston, va
    I bought an svt classic a few month ago and love the sound of the tube. I didnt take into consideration that when your playing out 4 nights a week and then have rehearsal two days, I needed to replace them quicker than normal. HELP ME PAY FOR MY TUBES lol.

    I bought this on here a few months back when I was trying to find my tone and it turns out this just wasnt the way I wanted to go. When I use it, it gives me that gainy/punchy tone and sounds really good. IMO one of the best pre/DI's that you could get I just dont use it any more. One of the lights flickers a little bit but it doesnt affect the way it works. 200 Shipped (im pretty firm on this cause I paid more to get it)